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Courtney Campbell is a pleasant woman who lives a simple but satisfying life in a small house that she shares with three dogs and a cat. She invites children to enjoy the warmth and friendliness her life has to offer as she shares songs, games, stories and lessons about how to accept yourself and your own unique gifts and how to live peacefully with those who are different from you.

Mustard Pancakes
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  • Courtney brings out a basket full of musical instruments for everyone to play. Mo learns the keyboard, Oogleberry learns the harmonica, Tina learns the bongos and Mr. D uses his voice. Everyone learns that practice makes you better.

  • It is the day for the special picnic. Mr. D, Mo, Tina and Oogleberry get everything ready. Courtney's too sick for a picnic. As Courtney naps, Tina has the idea to have the picnic in the living room.

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