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My Bride is a Mermaid is a comedy series on television centered around the life of a young boy named Nagasumi Michishio who after being rescued by a mermaid (Sun Seto) from drowning at Sato Bay, was forced to marry the mermaid so they could both live. This was done as per the laws of the marine kingdom whereby both of them would otherwise be killed, Nagasumi was to be killed for seeing a mermaid and the mermaid was to be killed for being seen by a human.

It was also done because Suns' family is a very influential in the group and their decision could not be challenged by anyone. However, this became a top secret for the family and Suns' father was ready to execute any one that found out about it.

Despite the fact that marriage was the only option for the two to live, the mermaid's father was not willing to accept the fact that his daughter will be getting into some urgent marriage so soon. Reason why on so many occasions, he made attempts to take his own life.

Nagasumi who was the main character, was brave enough to accept Sun as his wife despite resistance from Suns' Seto group. Since he had the support of Suns' mother, he felt encouraged and later on fell in love with his mermaid wife. His parents started having problems in their marriage as Nagasumi's mother loved the but his father was not in support of her interests and developed hatred for his wife.

Sun also loved her husband dearly and the two lived happily in their union.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
April 1, 2007
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My Bride is a Mermaid Full Episode Guide

  • The Seto clan is locked in battle with Yoshio's forces! If Nagasumi and Sun are to live happily ever after, he'll have to be braver than he's ever been!

  • Nagasumi's feeling some emotional turmoil after his first spat with Sun, but when he learns her whole family could be in grave danger, he and his friends jump into action!

  • Rumors spread that Kai is deathly ill, and when the whole gang goes out of their way to make his "last days" extra special, he begins to believe it himself!

  • Akeno suspects Masa knew her missing brother in the past, but he doesn't remember life before the Seto gang. When he learns just how correct Akeno's hunch really is, Nagasumi must go all out to protect Masa!

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