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My Fair Wedding with David Tutera mixes the magic of a wedding with the relationship experience with the wedding planner. One thing is for certain, when a bride sees David Tutera pull in, they know they are in for a treat. This show takes weddings to the next step to ensure the viewer's delight.

One of the things that makes this show work is the relationship David has with his brides. The show focuses mainly on this relationship and the groom is not usually seen much till the end. David's choice of brides is usually those who have an eclectic mess of dollar store wedding decorations and little money. This show has a similar flare to that of a Cinderella story in most episodes. There is a lot of emotion and the tears flow when David changes the wedding gowns, the venue and the decorations.

Some of the brides have it more together in bridal gowns than others. Some of the brides become hostile when David tries to change their wedding gown. Trying on many dresses, the brides choices are narrowed down to three and she must select. She will not know until the day of the wedding which dress David has selected for her. The same process of dress selection also occurs for the bridesmaids.

These wedding have to be million dollar affairs, because of the elaborate decorations and food selections. There is always some food and drink testing done with David and the bride. Characteristically, the bride is given three choices of food and drink and must pick the one she wants. She will not know until the day of her wedding which one David has selected for her. He usually always goes with the food and drinks the bride chooses.

The venue seems to always be changed and the transformation from drab to fab is unremarkable. In fact, David focuses more on the party and less on the ceremony itself. It is not just the overall wedding picture that he portrays but the relationship that is formed with each bride that makes this show worth watching. Oftentimes, these brides are down and out and trying to throw together a wedding. David gives them their dream wedding and additional little things to make their day memorable. Viewers tune in because of the kind and gentle nature of David and the way he bonds with each of his brides.

Saturday 9:00PM et/pt on WE tv
6 Seasons, 86 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 26, 2008
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  • In the season finale, David attempts to keep reality star Rachel Reilly's inner bridezilla at bay.

  • The momzilla of the year arrives and unless David can give her a huge reality check, she might miss the most important day of her daughter's life.

  • Bride Amber wants to wear an Indian sari, but her stunt man fiance insists she wear white. Things get wild when the groom's loud-mouthed buddy intervenes.

  • David shares details of some of his favorite brides, the ladies who have left a a bad impression, and he reveals the biggest meltdowns of the show.

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