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My Little Monster is an animated television series that focuses on a romance between a quiet, shy girl and wild boy. Mizutani is a smart girl and who is focused solely on her studies and doing well in school. One day, she is on a delivery and meets Yoshida. Yoshida used to go to school with Mizutani but he was expelled on the first day because he got into a fist fight. Yoshida instantly falls in love with Mizutani.

Mizutani feels so many emotions when it comes to Yoshida. She thinks he is handsome and she enjoys the attention but she does not want to be distracted from her schoolwork. She tries to remain busy at school, helping her classmates build a chicken coop as a school project. She also tries to get her friends at school to like Yoshida and treat him as an equal. Yoshida still remains an outsider and very secretive. Mizutani often tries to talk to him about his family and his life but Yoshida often does not want to talk.

Mizutani is a positive influence on Yoshida. He begins to get a little bit more involved in school. He decides to run for class representative, but he loses the election. Mizutani is upset at his loss. She loves him but is still wary of committing to a boy who is not serious about school and always seems to be getting into trouble.

Yoshida's friends often give him advice about how to get Mizutani and make her happy. Mizutani is repeatedly stressed by all the drama caused by Yoshida and their classmates. A huge festival comes to town and everybody wants to go, but Mizutani does not want to be around anyone. She is also facing immense pressure from her family. Her father's store has gone out of business and she needs to support her parents during their time of need.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
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  • Many things were left unsaid in the passing year, but before anybody can say what they are feeling Haru has been visiting each of his friends looking for something.

  • As the year draws to a close people go their separate ways, loneliness starts to creep into some of Mizutani's friends as well un-resolved feelings.

  • It's Christmas time and the mysterious Summer X has been planning a party for months. The party takes a turn when a group of delinquents invite themselves to the festivities.

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