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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the 4th iteration of Hasbro's My Little Pony cartoon series and focuses on the adventures of the "Mane 6" protagonists and their adventures in learning about friendship. The Mane 6 ponies each represent one facet of the "Elements of Harmony" which establish friendship. Furthermore, two of each kind represent each of the major pony species: earth pony, pegasus pony, and unicorn pony. The hard-working Applejack and the joyous prankster Pinkie Pie are the show's earth ponies and represent the harmonious elements of Honesty and Laughter, respectively. The tomboyish and sporty Rainbow Dash and the timid and animal-friendly Fluttershy represent the elements of Loyalty and Kindness. Lastly, the studious Twilight Sparkle and fashionable Rarity represent the elements of Magic (the rarest of all) and Generosity.

In the two part pilot episode, "Friendship is Magic," Twilight Sparkle has been studying in Canterlot for her mentor as well as the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia. Although Twilight is worried about a prophecy that the villainous Nightmare Moon will soon return to bring eternal night to the land, Celestia is more concerned with Twilight's lack of any friends; Twilight spends all her time studying and reading instead of socializing. Twilight is thus given the task of overseeing the preparations for an event in Ponyville, where Celestia will be raising the sun. It's during this time in Ponyville that the rest of the Mane 6 are introduced to Twilight as well as to the audience, culminating with Celestia absent and Nightmare Moon's return.

Twilight recalls her studies well and asks the other ponies to assist her in recovering the magical Elements of Harmony. They all agree, instantly acknowledging each other as friends. During their adventure into the ominous Everfree Forest, (where nature takes care of itself instead of needing ponies to help it out) each of the ponies proves their worthiness as an Element bearer in a final showdown with Nightmare Moon that awakens the Elements and allows Twilight to purify Nightmare Moon into Princess Luna as well as free Princess Celestia.

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Full Episode Guide

  • Princess Celestia chooses Discord over Princess Twilight to find the villain Tartarus.

  • When Spike and the Mane 6 travel to the Crystal Empire for the Equestria Games, Spike is received like a hero for his role in saving the Empire from King Sombra. Spike is even given the honor of lighting the torch to open the Empire Games, an opportunity that has him both elated and terrified. When it comes time to light the torch, Spike sees the stadium of ponies watching him, his nerves get the best of him and he is unable to light the torch. Feeling defeated and undeserving of the admiration he's been receiving from the citizens of the Crystal Empire, Spike resolves to prove to himself that he is the heroic dragon the other ponies believe him to be with disastrous results. But when the Ice Archery event goes awry and attendees are in danger, Spike springs into action and saves the day. As a result of his heroic actions, Princess Cadence gives him the opportunity to set off the fireworks during the closing ceremonies of the Equestria Games, which allows him to finally let go of his regrets during the opening ceremonies and to take pride in his role in the games.

  • 'When Rarity fails to impress a puppeteer with the traveling puppet theater she's created, she becomes distraught that she doesn't have time to make something new for Ponyville's Foal and Filly Fair. Eager to help his friend, Spike ends up finding a spell that allows its user to instantly make real any idea that pops into her head. Rarity successfully uses the spell book to provide a new puppet show for the Fair, but instead of returning it to the library in the Castle of the Two Sisters, decides to hold onto it. Unfortunately, the longer it's in her possession, the more obsessed she becomes with the power it gives her and the more over-the-top and harmful her ideas become. Soon Rarity is giving every inch of Ponyville a make-over and it is causing major problems for its citizens. It's up to Spike to stop the monstrous version of Rarity he's created, but he fears that he'll lose her as a friend if he tells her the truth about her latest designs. When Rarity reveals that she's planning to 'Rarify' all of Equestria, Spike realizes that he has no choice but to tell his friend that her creative contributions are ruining everything. In the end, Spike's honesty breaks the spell that that book has over Rarity and Spike learns that a true friend always knows that you're speaking up about their behavior because you care about them.'

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