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Series Length:4 Seasons, 88 Episodes
Network: The Hub

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the 4th iteration of Hasbro's My Little Pony cartoon series and focuses on the adventures of the "Mane 6" protagonists and their adventures in learning about friendship.

The Mane 6 ponies each represent one facet of the "Elements of Harmony" which establish friendship. Furthermore, two of each kind represent each of the major pony species: earth pony, pegasus pony, and unicorn pony. The hard-working Applejack and the joyous prankster Pinkie Pie are the show's earth ponies and represent the harmonious elements of Honesty and Laughter, respectively. The tomboyish and sporty Rainbow Dash and the timid and animal-friendly Fluttershy represent the elements of Loyalty and Kindness. Lastly, the studious Twilight Sparkle and fashionable Rarity represent the elements of Magic (the rarest of all) and Generosity.

In the two part pilot episode, "Friendship is Magic," Twilight Sparkle has been studying in Canterlot for her mentor as well as the ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia. Although Twilight is worried about a prophecy that the villainous Nightmare Moon will soon return to bring eternal night to the land, Celestia is more concerned with Twilight's lack of any friends; Twilight spends all her time studying and reading instead of socializing. Twilight is thus given the task of overseeing the preparations for an event in Ponyville, where Celestia will be raising the sun. It's during this time in Ponyville that the rest of the Mane 6 are introduced to Twilight as well as to the audience, culminating with Celestia absent and Nightmare Moon's return.

Twilight recalls her studies well and asks the other ponies to assist her in recovering the magical Elements of Harmony. They all agree, instantly acknowledging each other as friends. During their adventure into the ominous Everfree Forest, (where nature takes care of itself instead of needing ponies to help it out) each of the ponies proves their worthiness as an Element bearer in a final showdown with Nightmare Moon that awakens the Elements and allows Twilight to purify Nightmare Moon into Princess Luna as well as free Princess Celestia.

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  • Rainbow Dash is preparing to take her History of the Wonderbolts exam, a test she must pass in order to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves. Twilight offers to help her study, but soon realizes that her tried and true study methods aren't helping Rainbow Dash memorize the material she needs to know for the test. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack attempt to help Rainbow Dash as well, offering up their own methods of studying, but nothing seems to work. Feeling defeated, Rainbow Dash is ready to give up on her dreams. But when Twilight discovers Rainbow Dash is able to absorb and retain information while she's flying, she and the other ponies are able to help Rainbow Dash learn the history of the Wonderbolts and she aces her test. Twilight learns that not every pony learns the same way, and that one way of learning isn't better than another.

  • 'When the Apple Family spends some time at the swimming hole, Granny reveals to Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom that she was once a well-known aqua-pony, but after a painful high-diving experience, she's become afraid of the water and refuses to swim anymore. On their way back to Sweet Apple Acres, they encounter the Flim Flam Brothers, who claim to have a miraculous cure-all tonic, and are more than happy to help ponies in need...for a price. Applejack is immediately suspicious and sets out to uncover the truth, discovering that the tonic is just apple juice and beet leaves. But when Granny starts swimming again after using some of the miracle tonic, Applejack questions whether or not honesty is always the best policy and keeps the truth about the tonic from Granny and the other citizens of Ponyville. But when she finds out Granny Smith is going to do a dangerous high dive, she has no choice but to tell Granny that the tonic is a fake. Her decision to do so not only saves Granny from harm, but also convinces the Flim Flam brother's helper, Silver Shill, to change his ways and become a more honest pony. As a reminder of how Applejack helped him, he gives her a silver bit that will eventually become her key.'

  • Sweetie Belle is helping Rarity make costumes for one of Equestria's elite pop stars, Sapphire Shores. Although her sister is already pressured to finish the costumes on time, Sweetie Belle asks Rarity to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders' costumes for their upcoming play and Sweetie Belle's debut as a playwright, director, and actress. However, when Rarity's costumes are so stunning, they completely outshine Sweetie Belle's performance, she becomes furious, accusing Rarity of trying to sabotage her big moment. To get back at her sister for constantly taking the spotlight away from her, Sweetie Belle deliberately damages Rarity's costume for Sapphire Shores. But after a visit from Princess Luna, who shows her in a dream the disastrous consequences of her actions, Sweetie Belle recognizes how deeply her sister cares for her, and resolves to remedy her mistake, by apologizing to her sister and repairing the damaged costume.

  • Pinkie Pie's older sister Maud Pie is visiting Ponyville for the first time, and Pinkie Pie is thrilled. She can't wait to introduce Maud to her friends so that they can all become best friends and participate in a sacred Pie Family bonding ritual- making best friend rock candy necklaces! Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy are equally excited about meeting Maud, especially after Pinkie Pie tells them how much they all have in common. But when Maud arrives, completely different from what they expected, the ponies are caught off guard by her unusual quirkiness and muted enthusiasm. Knowing how important it is to Pinkie Pie that they all become best friends, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy attempt to bond with Maud, but find it much more difficult to form a close relationship with her than they originally thought it would be. In an effort to bring her sister and friends closer together, Pinkie Pie creates an elaborate and dangerous obstacle course for them to do together, but when she herself is almost hurt while trying to demonstrate it, Maud decides to spare her sister any more disappointment and heads back to Rock Farm. A saddened Pinkie Pie goes with her sister, while Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy realize they have more in common with Maud than they originally thought. The ponies decide to surprise Pinkie Pie and Maud by beating them to Rock Farm, where they apologize to Maud and Pinkie Pie for not recognizing sooner how their mutual love for Pinkie Pie is the only thing they need to create a bond between them. The ponies end the day making best friend candy necklaces.

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