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My Lovely Sam-Soon, also known as My Name is Kim Sam-soon, is a South Korean television drama which aired from June to July of 2005. The show focuses on the titular Kim Sam-soon, a woman with both the passion as well as the skill to be an excellent baker. Kim dreams of running a bakery of her very own but between her lacking social life and self-belief that her name is archaic as well as embarrassing. Despite lacking in the social world, Kim had been dating somebody, but it doesn't last. Distressed at being newly single, Kim manages to get hired for an impressive French restaurant, serving as a pâtissier for the troubled Hyun Jin-heon. Hyun and Kim have never been on good terms, but must work together.

Eventually, Kim learns that her mother's house is in trouble; she needs around fifty million won (roughly $50,000 American) to cover the issues. Hyun offers to give Kim the money in exchange for pretending to be his girlfriend. While the dating starts as strictly false, the two soon find themselves each becoming attracted to the other. Things seem to be going fine until Hyun's former girlfriend, Yoo Hee-jin comes back from the United States, notably worsening Kim's life.

Eventually Hyun realizes he prefers being with Kim, unable to get his mind off of her. Hyun shares his feelings after Kim shares that she cannot stand people who refuse to confess their feelings for the person they care for.

Yoo asks Hyun to come back with her to the US, with Kim even giving her blessing to it. However, Hyun doesn't return to South Korea within the window initially given. Hyun eventually comes home, discovering that he'd been mailing postcards to the wrong place. Kim and Hyun attempt to inseminate Kin so that his mother will be forced to consent to their marriage. This falls through, but they stay a couple anyway. At the series' end, Kim reads off a bus stop poster with the lyrics from the American country song, "Come from the Heart."

1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
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My Lovely Sam Soon Full Episode Guide

  • With Sam Soon's permission, Jin Heon accompanies Hee Jin back to America for a week. But he doesn't return for three months.

  • Hee Jin plans to return to America - and she wants Jin Heon to accompany her for one last trip.

  • Jin Heon and Sam Soon spend a day together doing her wish list of seven things she wants to do with her boyfriend.

  • Jin Heon wants to extend the time period for their "contract." Meanwhile, Hee Jin begins to worry whether Jin Heon is still in love with her.

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