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My Pregnancy: A Woman's Story is a biography about eight different pregnant women. This show interviews all eight pregnant women who discuss their nine months of pregnancy. Each of these eight pregnant women are all different from one another with different backgrounds. They also discuss the birth of their babies. This show is a good show to watch if you are interested in what pregnancy is all about and what the different symptoms woman have when they are pregnant. It helps you get ready for all the different things that could happen when you are pregnant and the joy and excitement of giving birth to a baby.

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1 Season, 6 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
October 8, 2011
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My Pregnancy: A Woman's Story Full Episode Guide

Season 1 6 full episodes
  • Episode 6 - Olivia's Story

    Juggling a rewarding career and having a baby stretches most contemporary mothers, especially when breastfeeding is a struggle.

  • Episode 5 - Abbie's Story

    Having grown up in a large, happy family, Abbie turns to the at times difficult and expensive difficult process of IVF to fulfill her lifelong dream to have a family of her own.

  • Episode 4 - Rachel's Story

    A new intensity of love begins to heal Rachel's heart after the loss of her first baby.

  • Episode 3 - Candice's Story
  • Episode 2 - Gina's Story
  • Episode 1 - The Triplet's Story

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