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My Strange Addiction is a show aired on The Learning Channel that showcasing people who suffer from unusual, often unheard of addictions. The show goes back in time as the individuals discuss when the addiction started, and how it has evolved overtime. During the show the addicts visit a psychological expert to help determine what is causing the addiction and how to overcome it.

Often, the addictions these people are suffering from are often detrimental to their health in some way, but usually they are in denial and do not realize this.

An example of this is a woman who was addicted to tape. Tape contains glue and harmful chemicals, and the woman was chewing many many pieces of tape each day is if it were gum. The woman started suffering from physical symptoms from her tape eating, such as headaches. Her mother tries to tell her of the health risks associated with her addiction, bur she brushes her off in disbelief. All of this changes when she visits the psychological expert and doctor who tell her of the health risk associated with the glue and chemicals in the tape she was chewing. After this she began trying to overcome her addiction to tape, and instead turns to chewing other, safer things, such as gum.

Currently, 3 seasons have been aired of My Strange Addiction, and Season 4 is set to begin in fall of 2012. Other addictions that have been shown on the show include an addiction to cat food and an addiction to the smell of mothballs.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
6 Seasons, 53 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 29, 2010
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  • Profiling Kyle, 31, who exclusively dates women over the age of 65 and Adam who is intent upon becoming Madonna.

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