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The program "My Yard Goes to Disney" is based on remaking a homeowner’s backyard. The producers search for a family that has a need for yard restoration. Once the family has been chosen, and based on the need for the makeover, the plans begin. Planners gather information on the need at hand and also on features of Disney Parks that the homeowners (or a family member) really like. When a plan of action has been decided the first step is taken; get rid of the family.

The family is sent to Disney World not knowing what is about to take place in the backyard. While the homeowner and family are away, crews come to the chosen address and begin to work, making use of every minute of the day work is completed before the family's return.

Upon arriving home the family finds that dreams do come true. Those things that are favorite Disney themes have made it into the backyard. Hopes, dreams, and wishes have become reality. The very sights and sounds just experienced at Disney World are now at home for play and relaxation time.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 6, 2011
Home & Garden
My Yard Goes Disney
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My Yard Goes Disney Full Episode Guide

  • The Morales' daughters fairy tale dreams come true as HGTV's designers turn one little girl's drawings for a Disney-inspired backyard into real-life.

  • The Richeson's Merritt Island yard is transformed into a Radiator Springs-inspired racetrack!

  • The Brown's backyard is transformed into a playground inspired by Disney's Hollywood Studio's Toy Story Mania.

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