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Mysteries at the Museum is a television program that explains the history surrounding museum artifacts. Each episode exhibits artifacts from various museums around the country. The show then focuses on a few artifacts per episode, explaining the artifacts' origin, history, and the reason for its display.

Mysteries at the Museum is appropriate for most age levels, though is aimed mostly at an older viewing audience interested in learning about history. Each episode runs one-hour in length and examines several different artifacts. Viewers can use the information for personal interest, or to plan a trip to various U.S. cities to learn more regarding the featured museums and artifacts.

The show is hosted by Don Wildman, also known for his work on Weird Travels and Monumental Mysteries. The show airs on The Travel Channel. Check your local listings for day and time.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
13 Seasons, 210 Episodes - Currently Airing
November 2, 2010
Family, History, Travel
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Mysteries at the Museum Full Episode Guide

  • Don Wildman examines a patriotic pig that helped fund World War II, a man's trek to rescue his crew during an brutal Arctic expedition and two activists who risked their lives to take down a superpower and save the whales.

  • Don Wildman examines a boulder covered in strange carvings that could turn American history on its head, a sword belonging to an explorer accused of treason and the marble bust of a great leader who tried to untangle an ancient puzzle.

  • Don travels across America in search of answers about the dinosaurs.

  • Don Wildman examines a war-time surgery that was truly life or death, a magician that challenged the legendary Harry Houdini and a race to discover wireless communication that lead to a slimy invention.

  • Don explores the myths and mysteries behind the nation's nerve center.

  • Don investigates a mysterious canoe, a miracle elixir and a spooky bust.

  • Don unearths the real story behind the world's greatest prison escape.

  • Why exactly did the Titanic sink, and how could it have been avoided? Don Wildman goes on the scene to investigate one of the world's most iconic mysteries.

  • Icy stories behind an eccentric expedition to the North Pole, a frozen feat of nautical engineering and the cosmic conundrum surrounding an incredible icicle.

  • Why exactly did the Titanic sink, and how could it have been avoided? To get a better understanding of the world's most enduring nautical tragedy, Don Wildman goes on the scene, under the water and up in the skies to investigate. Get a sneak peek at his adventurous deep dive into one of the world's most iconic mysteries.

  • Don Wildman investigates a near disaster in outer space, a man who soared through the sky and a doctor who changed the world.

  • Titanic Violin, Wicked Fungus and the Greatest Bar Bet

  • A statue created by the world's best-known art forger; a mysterious cache of buried gold coins; a woman whose sales techniques made Tupperware a household name.

  • An iron link from the American Revolution in a formidable fraud; a small plane that launches into space; a green oil pump.

  • A Noel Prize winner's risky experiment in the face of Nazis; a creative sting operation; a lifesaving airlift out of Vietnam.

  • Don Wildman explores a story about a man who turned a pile of rocks into a gold mine, examines a suit of armor linked to a party that led to years of war and uncovers the truth behind an event that put Johnson in the White House.

  • Don Wildman examines a species of Asian cobra that invaded a small town in Missouri. Then, he inspects a carriage that was the site of a bizarre murder. Finally, he learns about a wealthy daredevil who swam with sharks to prove they were harmless.

  • Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a popular circus, the baffling case of a missing U.S. politician and an attack by one of the deadliest creatures on the planet.

  • Don Wildman examines the origins of a mythical unicorn featured at a popular circus, the baffling case of a missing U.S. politician and an attack by one of the deadliest creatures on the planet.

  • Don Wildman researches one of the most challenging bomb cases in FBI history, a mysterious encounter with a legendary beast and an artful scientist that accidentally uncovered a revolutionary medicine.

  • Don Wildman investigates a risky ride fueled by love, explores a town plagued by the undead and uncovers one of the biggest rescue operations of WWII.

  • A fish species that was part of an unusual storm is examined by host Don Wildman. Then, he learns about the kidnapping of an oil baron's grandson; and an underwater oxygen tank that was the early version of scuba.

  • Don Wildman investigates the unknown story behind a literary legend, the inspiring tale behind a group of rookie heroes and an army of Roman ghosts.

  • Don Wildman examines a scorecard connected to a legendary figure skating rivalry, an underwater microphone which detected an unlikely World War II enemy and the skull of a tiny animal behind a decades-old canine curse.

  • Don Wildman examines a string of mysterious deaths in the White House, a woman who took a pioneering plunge and an ancient chalice that could be the elusive Holy Grail.

  • Don Wildman examines a painting at the center of an art world scandal, a 19th century medallion connected to the case of a young girl with seemingly magnetic powers and a blunderbuss that recalls an infamous pirate who terrorized the high seas.

  • Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind a culinary caper that stunned the world, inspects a ceramic toilet that inspired a taboo-busting invention and examines a sculpture that recalls the most tragic love story of all time.

  • Included: a great high-wire stunt; Thomas Jefferson's above-and-beyond efforts to preserve America's reputation; and a bizarre hoax.

  • The mysterious death of a beloved Hollywood star is examined by host Don Wildman. Also: an amazing discovery made during the search for Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster; and the story of a tone-deaf, would-be diva playing Carnegie Hall.

  • Examining what is possibly one of the most audacious hoaxes in sports history; and investigating the preserved remains of a terrifying beast. Also: Host Don Wildman inspects a watch with a link to a presidential scandal.

  • Don Wildman examines a strange stone tablet that may hold the key to America's beginnings; a model plane connected to a hijacking mistaken for a hoax; and a revolver that once belonged to the first American woman to lead an armed expedition into war.

  • Don investigates a spy, a demonic rooster and a bitter blood feud.

  • An action figure connected to a North Korean kidnapping; a gold ring as a symbol of freedom; a 19th-century board game.

  • Don examines a famous flight, an iconic statue and a musical machine.

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