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When you want to follow your favorite team, the NFL brings you up close and personal with that team. Following the Seattle Seahawks allows you to see all the news that surrounds the team. You can see and hear from coaches and players, and you will be able to get the latest news about the franchise. You can follow the team more closely then ever when you watch this show as it follows the Seahawks whether they are playing a game or in the middle of the offseason.

NFL Network
8 Seasons, 144 Episodes
August 28, 2010
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NFL Follow Your Team - Seattle Seahawks Full Episode Guide

  • Post-Season Week 2: Seahawks at Falcons Game Highlights 2012

  • Week 7: Seahawks at Cardinals Game Highlights 2013

  • Week 6: Titans at Seahawks Game Highlights 2013

  • Week 5: Seahawks at Colts Game Highlights 2013

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