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NFL Games Of The Year is a show depicting a recap of the current year. This show goes through every single game played by every single team. Every team is included so no fan will ever feel left out when watching the show. This is accomplished by the best highlights being brought forth from every single game. Many people like this show because there are interviews with some of their favorite players, and fans get to hear things said on the field that they did not hear while watching the game.

This show also goes through the most amazing plays of the entire year. A lot of these plays keep people on the edge of their seat and the most amazing plays are replayed, too.

This show also gets inside of the heads of the coaches and players and lets fans visualize what they are thinking during a game, especially in an intense moment.

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9 Seasons, 239 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 8, 2008
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NFL Games of the Year Full Episode Guide

  • In a battle of two powerhouse teams, Nick Foles and the potent Philadelphia Eagles take on the dynamic Arizona Cardinals. Find out what happens in this thrilling Week 8 matchup.

  • Can the Dallas Cowboys stay on their hot streak or will they face a road block in a hungry New York Giants team? Find out what happens in this thrilling matchup.

  • Can Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys carry their momentum into Seattle to take on Russell Wilson and the Seahawks? Find out what happens in this epic matchup.

  • The Texas showdown between the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys ended in overtime with a game-winning 49-yard kick. Find out which team came out on top.

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