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Noah's Arc evolves in depths and dilemmas of everyday life of four African American and Latino gay friends in Los Angeles, growing to a large audience for its fearless and sincere content, and brought to the television screen in a real fashion to the viewer giving way to become a successful television series.

The innovative mind of its creator Patrik-Ian Polk, masterfully cast a resounding success with this production, and became the highest-rated original series and grading up to the theaters with Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom.

Noah's Arc is a television program that presents realistic situations focusing more than anything else in social events such as marriage between gays, raising children as a gay couple, the ups and downs of HIV and its adversities, and among the strongest presentations, teaches the reality on the pain of infidelity, sexual debauchery and persecution when they face some homophobic or bully people along their way.

The stellar performance of these four friends with different characters and personalities makes the plot more eloquent, featuring Noah as a struggling writer falling in love, who thinks he's found that love in wade, a new man in his life. Determined to make the relationship work, Noah decides to fight against everything.

Noah's Arc brings challenges and dirty tricks of the hard life in Los Angeles for these four guys who try to lead a happy and normal life.

The great friend Alex is an educator for HIV and AIDS and the more mature, wise and reasonable of the group, who carries a seven-year relationship with his boyfriend Trey. Alex is completely loyal to his friends, thoughts and ideals.

The program presents us with the liberal friend in Ricky's character, who has two weaknesses or passions; men and fashion. Owner of a clothing store, Ricky takes advantage of the plenty opportunities to flirt and date any man he wants.

Finally, Chance, who is a university professor is tested on his ties with Eddie. Chance is the most serious of the group itself, always knowing which words are the appropriate one in every situation he faces.

2 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Canceled
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Noah's Arc Full Episode Guide

  • Take a behind the scenes tour of the second season of Noah's Arc. This insightful look into the characters, stories, and production of this groundbreaking series features interviews with the cast and crew as well as the creator, Patrik-Ian Polk.

  • July 4th weekend in Los Angeles can only mean one thing-Black Gay Pride! There's no better way to end Season 2 than for Noah and the gang get themselves, and their outfits, together for a charity fashion show and the annual beach party.

  • It's a dark day in the life of our guys as one of the friends experiences homophobia in the worst possible way. Resolutions may be found-but at what cost?

  • Someone is fired, someone is fired up, and someone puts out a fire. Noah is invited on a popular talk show when a certain hot topic gets controversial, but he's got a few things to work out first.

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