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New York Ink is a hit TLC television show that showcases the world famous tattoo artist Ami James. He decided to move to New York City fulfill his dream of opening a legal tattoo shop in New York City. He names his tattoo shop Wooster St. Social Club. He stated he wanted to have the best tattoo shop in the world. He hired an new crew. Ami James is well known for being hot tempered. He is to busy to put up with drama from the employees. This sparks more drama, mainly from Ami James.

The show employees are Jessica Gehling. She is the shop manager and recently became a shop apprentice. RoBear is the floor manager. Billy Decola is the shops apprentice and Ami James best friend. The tattoo artist are : Tommy Montoya, Megan Massacre, Chris Torres(which was fired at the end of season 1), and Tim Hendricks, whom is Ami James right hand man. The show hired several new tattoo artist in season two, Luke Wessman, Eddy Ospina, Guy Waisman Whom is known as the "nice guy", and Lee Rodriguez.

The Television series shows all the employees at work during a normal day. It also shows their life outside the show, specifically Ami James life. It shows Ami James going back and forth from New York City to Miami, Florida to his other shop. They also show James struggling to see his children and be a busy business owner.

The show debuted in June of 2011. They currently have filmed three seasons. The producers of the show are David Roma and Charlie Corwin. New York Ink averages 1.3 million viewers every Thursday night at 9pm/ET.

If the viewer has a chance to watch this show, one would be engrossed in the program. It tells stories of people getting tattoos, tells the life stories of the artist and the normal shop employee discord. From James voicing his dis contempt for the employees petty arguments to RoBear's new tantrums. The show is broadcast by BBC/Discovery Network on TLC channel. The show is 45 to 48 minutes in length, fitting in a one hour time slot. The third season is going to start filming for the third season in August of 2013. The show is only shown in the United States currently.

3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
June 2, 2011
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  • The shop has to deal with 100 angry customers when Tim Hendricks doesn't show up for his guest spot. Tommy has to be very careful when an octogenarian comes in for her first tattoo.

  • Newcomer Lee ignores Ami's orders to tattoo on real clients when Tommy asks him for help during a shop rush.

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