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Professional wrestler, Showtime Eric Young, trades in the ring for an all new adventure. He lays down his wrestling for his favorite hobby, fishing. Off the Hook: Extreme Catches takes finding the big one to a whole new level. Every episode follows Eric Young on new and unique techniques of catching any type of fish. Young travels across America to meet fisherman to try their way of fishing. This means using exotic baits, reels, and boats to catch big fish. Young is an extreme person himself. He is wild and crazy. Viewers will not expect what Young is going to do next.

He meets people from around the country and tries first hand fishing. Young goes shark fishing with panty hose while in a very small boat. He travels to Tennessee to catch catfish by hand. Each episode is unique and young will try any type of technique. He travels to different places to learn their tradition of fishing. Young doesn't move on from a spot until he catches the one he wants. He will keep trying no matter what. He travels from New England to the coast of California on search for the most extreme fisherman.

Parents should be cautious as to whether their children watch the show. Young and others on the show use bad language that may not be suitable for all age groups. Some material may not be for younger viewers. Eric Young takes along his rubber ducky everywhere he goes. While in Tennessee jug fishing for catfish, Young ties his rubber ducky to a jog. The next day, the duck and the jug are gone. This is said to be the end of ducky.

Off the Hook: Extreme Catches airs on the Animal Planet network. It first aired in July of 2012. People who like to fish will enjoy seeing how extreme some type of fishing is across the country. Eric Young puts a crazy spin on normal fishing with a rod and reel.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 29, 2012
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Off the Hook: Extreme Catches Full Episode Guide

  • Eric goes to Mexico to fish for striped marlin from a kayak.

  • Eric is in Florida fishing for sharks from a rowboat while trailing a shrimp boat after it's released its bycatch.

  • Eric goes spearfishing underwater miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.

  • Eric Young returns to Florida in hopes of catching a goliath grouper -one of the largest freshwater fish in the Atlantic.

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