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Oswald is an animated program that originally aired in August of 2001 on Nick. Jr. Oswald is a big talking blue octopus but he doesn't live in the sea like most other octopus do, he lives in Big City. Oswald lives in an apartment with his dog Weenie in Big City. Weenie isn't like your average weenie dog, either. In many ways Weenie resembles a typical Dachshund pup but she looks a little more like a hot dog in a bun than an actual real life Dachshund. Oswald and Weenie are certainly not the only characters that we visit with while we are in Big City. Let's take a look at some more of Big City's characters.

First we have Big City, which is sort of like a character itself with its strong and prominent personality. Big City is a fictional city and is modeled after many big cities but with a more fanciful and ideal twist to it. Here you will not see crime or any of the negative aspects that a real big city carries with it. Oswald is a quiet, peaceful and friendly guy and therefore is friends with many of Big City's other residents.

Henry the Penguin could probably be considered one of Oswald's best friends. He is very different from Oswald, though. Henry lives downstairs from Oswald and he is slightly snobbish and very set in his ways. Oswald is always trying to get Henry to try new things and usually with very little success. Every now and then Henry will step out and try something new for Oswald. Then we have Daisy who is a real life walking and talking flower. She is a positive character and is always loud and exuberant. Oswald often needs to help settle her down. Johnny Snowman, The Egg Twins, Madame Butterfly and her daughter Catrina all interact with Oswald regularly along with more infrequent characters. This show is peaceful and calming for young children and helps to teach important life lessons on friendship.

Nick Jr.
1 Season, 26 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons, Family
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Oswald Full Episode Guide

  • Oswald gives a balloon to Catrina, but a strong wind carries her off into the sky. Oswald and Weenie commandeer the hot air balloon and finally rescue her - but now how do they get back?

  • Oswald and Weenie play a game of Hide and Seek that unexpectedly turns into a game of Lost and Found when Weenie disappears. Worried, Oswald looks all over Big City in search of his pet.

  • Oswald catches a firefly, and gets to make a wish on it. But he can't decide what the perfect wish should be. He asks all his friends for advice, but none of their wishes are what he would wish for.

  • Oswald babysits Catrina and takes her outside on a snowy day. Oswald comes across his friends who are building snow forts and making snow angels.

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