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One of the most popular and well-known television comedy shows starring children is the "Our Gang" collection of comedy shorts. These comedies are not only classic but they retain a timeless quality that has made them popular with TV viewers for many years. Each episode features two or three short comedy films. The main stars of each production are young children who consistently find themselves in a host of funny situations. More than 200 short "Our Gang" films were produced.

The "Our Gang" comedies were created and produced by Hal Roach who tried to portray children in a realistic light. Many if not most of the shows were produced from a child's point of view. The show is also called "The Little Rascals".

In many episodes of "Our Gang" the child actors displayed wisdom beyond their years and created a democratic society of sorts governed by youngsters. Quite frequently the children are at odds with various authority figures such as parents, police and truant officers and teachers.

Utilizing teamwork and some ingenious ideas the children in "Our Gang" find creative and often hilarious solutions to the problems and challenges they encounter.

Because "Our Gang" episodes were produced for more than 20 years the producers of the show regularly replaced the cast members because they were too old for the parts.

Some of the child actors on "Our Gang" became well-known with TV and movie fans. Many of them had nicknames on the show with several being named after food items.

Among the cast members on "Our Gang" are "Buckwheat" Thomas, "Alfalfa" Switzer, "Porky" Lee, "Pineapple" Jackson and "Farina" Hoskins.

Some of the other most well-known and recognizable cast members of "Our Gang" are "Spanky" McFarland, "Stymie" Beard, Jackie Cooper and Darla Hood.

A bull terrier dog named "Pete the Pup" also starred in many "Our Gang" films. The dog is known for the dark ring that circles his eye.

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Our Gang Full Episode Guide

  • When Buckwheat and Big Shot adopt a spotted dog, they decide to name it Smallpox. When they tell the other kids that they have just acquired Smallpox and want to give it to the whole Gang, the kids scatter to tell their parents, and soon radios are broadcasting warnings of a severe smallpox epidemic.

  • Froggy has a crush on Marilyn, but Marilyn only likes dancers, and so Froggy determines to become one. He gives a dancing recital in which he is the solo performer. Everyone is impressed until a rival for Marilyn's favors exposes Froggy's performance as a fake, but Marilyn decides she loves him anyway.

  • When their teacher keeps them after school, the "Our Gang" kids decide to play hooky next day and go fishing. However, they are unable to catch a single fish. They meet a fisherman, who shows them his huge catch. When he tells them it takes a great deal of study to become a fisherman, they rush back to school.

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