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Outback Wrangler follows Matt Wright, helicopter pilot and animal relocation expert. Matt is called upon to help out in situations others can't handle. His skills allow him to take these animals head on and get them to another location.

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Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic Wild
1 Season, 4 Episodes - Currently Airing
Reality, Family, Animals
Outback Wrangler
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Outback Wrangler Full Episode Guide

  • It’s the rainy season, and Matt is at his busiest, using his helicopter to relocate crocodiles away from settled areas.

  • Australia’s outback is home to thousands of wild horses, and Matt is desperate to save these majestic animals.

  • Matt is asked to assist an animal rescue in catching and moving wild animals in Borneo.

  • The largest species of crocodiles can be found in the wetlands of Australia. They lay eggs from November to March giving Matt and his friends only three months to get 20,000 crocodile eggs. Matt and his team go to some of the most risky places in the croc territory, the mother croc's nest.

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