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Paradise Hotel 2 is a U.S. reality television show that was broadcast on both the Fox and MyNetworkTV channel networks. Amanda Byram is the host of the show that Mark Thompson narrates. The show revolves around a group of very attractive single people in their 20s and 30s living in very luxury hotel resorts. Their aim is to compete to see which people are able to go the distance and stay the longest in the hotel. From time to time, people leave the show, while others are brought in as replacements.

The voyeuristic show features 11 Americans vying to hook up with the residents so that they can win a cash prize of around $200,000. Each person has to find an opposite sex partner with whom to share a room.

Cameras follow the couples strategizing, flirt, and engaging in some form of suggestive or sexual activity. At pairing ceremonies, the contestant who no longer has a roommate is forced to check out when a new contestant will join the show. Whoever manages to remain in the theoretical paradise until the end will win the competition.

The show has virtually no dialogue. All of the contestants are quite physically attractive, often sharing thoughts about how attractive they believe the others are. They spend a lot of time drinking, theoretically to loosen up so that is easier to gossip and engage in other suggestive fodder. In order to stay ahead of the competition they must continually engage in what some would say is questionable behavior in order to avoid being eliminated.

Activities include taking off clothes, dancing suggestively and snuggling under blankets. There is no actual nudity, however contestants are shown often in bathing suits and underwear. They also drink wine, mixed drinks and beer. There is some fighting and strong language, but actual swear words are bleeped in accordance with FCC rules. Because of the way the show is structured and edited, it is hard to tell whether those appearing are acting as themselves or are playing to the situation.

2 Seasons, 47 Episodes - Canceled
June 18, 2003
Reality, Drama
Paradise Hotel 2
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Paradise Hotel 2 Full Episode Guide

  • The cast of Paradise Hotel 2 get together to relive and discuss their adventure.

  • Past contestants return to the house and put the remaining two teams on the hot seat before a winner is chosen.

  • The remaining three couples choose to vote off one couple, but a unexpected twist shakes things up.

  • A vulnerable James hopes to fix up an alliance with Tidisha, as seven contestants remain.

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