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Series Length:1 Season, 5 Episodes
Schedule: Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on BBC America

Paradox is a British television series that has a science fiction twist to it. The show follows Detective Rebecca Flint and her team of police officers. They officers also work with a scientist to help them solve some clues. The scientist even tries to help the officers fight crime that did not occur yet. The scientist can look into the future and send images back. The police officers then use these images to stop the crimes before they occur. They known the location of the crimes, the time the crime is going to happen, and how is going to be at fault. The scientist has shown them images that have helped prevent a disaster. The show is set in the busy city of Manchester, England.

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Status: New Series
Rating: 8/10
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  • Rebecca always suspected she was helping to cause the events they were supposed to stop. Now she is convinced of this and they receive images more intimate than anything they have previously dealt with. Every image points to a member of the team in some way. One shows a photo of some teenagers shot dead - and Rebecca's hand is holding the gun. Will she have the power to change the destiny that matters most, her own?

  • The team receive double the amount of images in what appears to be their most unfathomable mystery so far. The images seem to be predicting a robbery, a fire and multiple deaths, but how can they trace so many clues in so little time? One of the images last time was random; are some of these the same? How do they know which images relate to the event they are supposed to stop and which ones they can trust?

  • A serial rapist is due to commit a violent attack and murder in a few hours, and Rebecca is determined not to let this happen. But she is beginning to feel conflicted about their new role; for the first time, she begins to question the responsibility involved in seeing the future, and worries she might even be helping to cause the incidents they are supposed to stop.

  • After last time, Rebecca is determined not to make the same mistakes again. She is desperate to change the future and save a boy's life. But with minutes to spare, Rebecca learns of a second death scheduled to take place at the zero hour - DS Ben Holt's. Not knowing how or when he will die, Rebecca's quest to change the future becomes even more frantic.

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