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There has been a significant rise in the interest of paranormal disturbances over the past few years, part in fact to cinema releases. This current cult obsession with the occult theme has spawned the show "Paranormal State." This show takes a reality-based approach to the subject of paranormal activities in the home or suspected to be haunted places. With a team of phenomenon experts and trained ghost hunters, these buildings are inspected with the help of the team and their high tech tools that detect and record electrical signals, which are sometimes referred to as electronic noise phenomenon.

Viewers of the show Paranormal State will see what the team encounters from a first hand view, since the team wears head cams for most all of the shots they use. Not only is the setting usually dark, since the occurrences happen mainly at night, but it adds a sense of fear to the viewers not knowing exactly what is going on or where the phenomenon is actually taking place. For anyone with an interest in the paranormal, spiritual, or down right spooky, this show is an absolute must to watch. Being one of the highest-rated shows on the SciFi netwrok, it becomes apparent as to why that is when a event takes place on the show out of nowhere. Whether it be in a family's house, or an abandoned insane asylum, the outcome will almost always shock viewers with their realism. The impact that is shown on the cast and crew only adds to the viewer's fear as well.

This is no show with actors trying to convey fear through artistic expression, this is the real deal. People being faced with the unknown to shake them to their very soul is the business of this show, and they do a great job at it too. No matter what you believe about the after life, spiritualism, or religion, your faith may be brought into question when encountering some of this team's experiences as if you were there yourself. Don't make the mistake of thinking this world is one dimensional, for Paranormal State shows you otherwise.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
6 Seasons, 88 Episodes - Canceled
December 10, 2007
Documentary & Biography, Reality, Science Fiction
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  • Ken Arrington helps a family cope with what appears to be a demonic spirit in their home. Upon arrival, it becomes apparent the team's presence is unwanted when Savahanna becomes a target of the lurking presence.

  • PRS investigates an aggressive spirit stalking a young family. Ryan races to identify and hopefully defeat the entity before things get out of control.

  • PRS investigates an Antebellum Mansion where the caretaker and volunteers claim paranormal activity.

  • When a client's new boyfriend moves in, a paranormal begins showing up. Die it move in with him or did her ex curse the house and the family? PRS investigates.

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