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Parking Wars is a reality television show that airs on the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) cable television network. The series follows a variety of traffic enforcement employees in various towns while they address parking enforcement violations. The series began with employees of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA), showcasing the interactions between vehicle owners and employees while their vehicles are being ticketed, booted or towed. Also included is footage showing how staff deals with the many issues and situations surrounding the public while attempting to retrieve their vehicles from various impound lots.

The employees tell these stories in their own words as opposed to following a script. Each episode includes three different segments that depict cars entering the violation system through the initial ticket, boot, tow or impound in either chronological or reverse order. The initial adjudication and following auction sequences were eliminated and towing is rarely featured.

Many booting segments include longtime employee Steve Garfield and his partner Sherry, both of whom are very adept at their jobs. They travel on assigned beats to find vehicles that have had at least three or more tickets for at least six months. They boot the vehicles so that owners may not continue to drive them until outstanding fines are paid.

Booting vehicles usually requires the employees of PPA to snap locking devices onto the front wheel in order to immobilize the vehicle. Sometimes it is challenging to attach these boots due to the various wheel sizes. This can become unnerving for the PPA staff since they must often race against time to avoid running into vehicle owners.

For example, some of the bootings are performed in front of vehicle owner homes, making it easy for them to be spotted. The goal of the staff is to avoid unpleasant confrontations as much as possible. However, much of the time, vehicle owners find their way back to their automobiles while the staff is still issuing a ticket or in the midst of a booting procedure.

The first five seasons of Parking Wars concentrated on the Philadelphia region. However, the Detroit MPD (Municipal Parking Department) was later added as a location. The series also includes the parking enforcement unit in Providence, Rhode Island. Later episodes are slated to include locations as far away as Japan.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on A&E
7 Seasons, 121 Episodes - Canceled
January 8, 2008
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  • Reactions of angry motorists who are ticketed Philadelphia Parking Authority for parking violations.

  • Reactions of angry motorists who are ticketed Philadelphia Parking Authority for parking violations.

  • Reactions of angry motorists who are ticketed Philadelphia Parking Authority for parking violations.

  • In Detroit Ponytail tries to break illegal parkers of their bad habits. Uncle Jojo uses his positive attitude to calm upset Staten Island residents while towing their cars. New parking officer Kristina gets all nature of surprises while ticketing on the night shift in North Hempstead.

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