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PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service and it is a non profit American television station that has ran since October of 1970. Over 300 member stations own a share of PBS and help to financially support it. PBS also runs telethons and gets money from viewer support and membership. Much of PBS programming is respected for the high quality that they bring to it. PBS Specials are no exception to that rule. PBS Specials are of the highest quality and can be very informative while entertaining its viewers at the same time.

PBS Specials have a wide array of topics that they focus on. There are many specials that focus on arts and entertainment. Concerts are a popular choice among fans of PBS Specials. These can range from classical to opera, some of our most revered musicians of the last century and more modern musical artists as well. The specials focus on other areas of the arts as well. Broadway, painting, writing and many other artistic mediums are explored. Antiques Roadshow is a very popular choice and focuses on everyday people who bring in their family heirlooms to find out what they are worth. There are also speical television series such as Downtown Abbey.

There are a great many PBS Specials that focus on history. These documentary style programs delve deep into historical issues and mysteries with the intent of informing and educating their viewing audience. Scientific issues are often explored as well. PBS delves deep to find answers to some of science's most important questions. PBS also does specials focusing on specific regions that they travel to. The photography that comes out of these specials is beautiful and colorful.

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  • On London’s world famous Oxford Street, Selfridges department store stands out as a neo-classical landmark. A fact most of its customers don’t realize is this iconic British institution was built by an American – and until he built it, the street had zero appeal. This is just one of many amazing secrets hidden in the story of Selfridge and his department store.

  • Investigating the four-day assault on a gas plant in North Africa by Al Qaeda, featuring remarks from workers who came face to face with the attackers; and a dramatic reconstruction of events.

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Oh, It's Dr. Seuss Day!

On the second of March, it’s a Dr. Seuss Day, And a marathon on TV will give “The Cat” lots of play. One-hundred and seven is the age he would be… A long friend of yours, since the time you were three. PBS Kids is helping viewers celebrate the 107th Birthday of Dr. Seuss by hosting a two-hour marathon of ‘The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.” The show focuses on science education and is a modern twist on the old school favorite, “The Cat in the Hat.

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