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Series Length:8 Seasons, 88 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime

Penn and Teller: Bullshit was aired between 2003-2010. It was hosted by magicians and entertainers, Penn and Teller. The show was a documentary that had goals of debunking pseudo-scientific or paranormal beliefs. They also tackled misconceptions and fads. Like Michel Moore, these two magicians criticized their opponents for making claims for financial gain or just plain dishonesty. The entertainers proved most of their cases by using common sense and by calling their opponent's stance "bull shit."

The show has won eleven Emmy awards regardless of their rampant profanity and nudity. The language is smartly presented and is credible. Episodes have tackled subjects like Area 51, organic foods, welfare, and immigration. The duo presents itself as one person as a front man and the other as a silent sidekick.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Genre: Comedy
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  • In the Season 8 finale, vaccination is considered modern medicine's greatest weapon against disease but thanks to pseudo-science and public gullibility, the debate over vaccination safety rages on.

  • Evidence shows that self-esteem building does not work. However, parents, counselors, and social workers are misguided in sill using ineffective tools that teach children to grow up thinking they are "special."

  • According to Penn and Teller, America's seniors are stripped of their dignity thanks to ongoing stereotypes about old people. They investigate the widespread beliefs that old people can't drive, don't have sex, and smell bad.

  • Is America's criminal justice system weighed down with bad science, ineffective methods, incompetence and corruption? Penn & Teller set out to reveal that the only thing scarier than crime is America's war on crime.

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