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Larry (Mark Linn Baker) moves from Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois to escape his family's hold on him and to embark on his new career as a photographer. He has just moved into his first apartment when there is a knock on the door. Standing before him is a wide eyed shepherd from the island of Mypos. He tells Larry that they are long lost cousins and that his family sent him to look Larry up. Larry is taken aback by the news. For the first time in his life, he can do as he pleases and now this stranger shows up on his doorstep. Larry tries to explain to Balki (Bronson Pinchot) that he cannnot live with him.

Larry, feeling guilty, decides to let Balki stay for a while. Larry is as neurotic as Balki is naive. Together, the comedy ensues. Balki teaches Larry The Dance of Joy that becomes their signature dance when happy.

Larry eventually gets a job as a reporter job working out of the basement of the Chicago Chronicle, the local newspaper, and Balki find a job in the mailroom. They deal with a demanding editor and Mr. Gropley the mailroom supervisor who always tries to get Balki fired. There are various crazy characters that round out Larry and Balki's lives.

Larry and Balki seem to be complete opposites but together they are a great comedy team. Larry spends most of his time worrying about consequences while Balki goes through life as a complete innocent. Together they seem to balance each other out.

Larry and Balki are two lovable misfits getting into trouble, mainly because of Balki but in the end everything seems to work out.

6 Seasons, 100 Episodes - Canceled
March 25, 1986
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  • Larry is assigned to interview Uncle Shaggy, a kid's show host and when he gets Balki to take a picture of him without his costume, the get Uncle Shaggy fired after someone discovered that he has a criminal record for something he did along time ago. But Larry swears he will make it up to him.

  • Balki grows very fond of his new pet parrot that drives Larry crazy. Meanwhile, their chimney is clogged and when Larry tried to light a fire, he had to open the window to let the smoke out, the parrot flies out and Balki is heartbroken.

  • A Chronicle Tour sends Mr. Gorpley, Larry and Balki & Jennifer and Mary Anne to a cabin in the forest where they encounter a 'Mad Dog' killer who escaped from prison. The killer is later apprehended but they all tell different stories about the capture which confuses the state trooper.

  • Larry has a plan to make a fortune and talks Balki into buying a house for no money down, fixing it up and then selling it for a profit. He ends up making a deal for $150,000 but when he realizes he can make more money by putting in a chandelier and fancy doors, he gets greedy.

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