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Playful Kiss is a Korean television show. It was based on the Japanese manga, or comic book, Itazura Na Kiss. However, unlike many shows that are based off of comics, this show is not animated, but is live action. He show follows the story of the main character, a young woman named Ha Ni. Ha Ni has developed strong feelings for one of the smartest boys in her class, Seung Jo. However, Ha Ni constantly gets bad grades and is at the bottom of her class. This hinders Ha Ni in her quest for Seung Jo's affections. When she writes him a letter to tell him how she feels, he rejects her on the basis of her grades.

Things start to look up for Ha Ni after a natural disaster intervenes in her love life. After an earthquake, repairs need to be made to Ha Ni's house, and she and her family must move out for a time. Luckily, Ha Ni's father has a friend they can stay with. The friend happens to be the father of Seung Jo. Ha Ni feels like her dreams have come true when she realizes she will be living with the object of her affections. Seung Jo does his best to ignore Ha Ni, but Ha Ni's mother is a matchmaker, and is determined to bring the two together. In each episode, Ha Ni explores new ways with which she can win Seung Jo over. Both comedy and drama ensue, making each scene very entertaining for audiences.

As the show progresses, viewers learn more about Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Viewers also get a glimpse of Joon Goo, a classmate of Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Joon Goo has strong feelings for Ha Ni, but is nervous about telling her what he thinks. He hides his true feelings but stays close in order to support her. As the show progresses, the love triangles escalate and the characters must finally decide who it is they truly want to be with.

1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
September 1, 2010
Korean Drama
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Playful Kiss Full Episode Guide

  • Ha Ni can't hide her feelings towards Seung Jo's plans regarding their marriage license.

  • Seung Jo and Ha Ni are surprised at the sudden wedding!

  • On the day of the Parang High reunion, Ha Ni finds Seung Jo worrying about something.

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