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Pokemon is an anime, or Japanese animation, television show geared towards children or younger teens. It takes place in a fantasy world where creatures called Pokemon live. These creatures all have different traits. Some Pokemon live in the water, others resemble insects, and still others are more similar to ghosts or machines. Each Pokemon has a certain set of skills that helps it to battle other Pokemon. As a Pokemon becomes stronger, it gains experience and levels and many Pokemon eventually evolve into a new form.

People called Pokemon trainers travel the land, trying to capture and train as many Pokemon as possible, so as to become legendary Pokemon masters. They battle their Pokemon against other trainer's Pokemon in order to gain experience or badges, which mark them as professional trainers.

The Pokemon show centers around Ash Ketchum, a young boy who is just starting out as a Pokemon trainer. He is given his very own Pokemon, Pikachu. As they travel the country, Ash and Pikachu meet many friends and fellow Pokemon trainers. They help both people and Pokemon solve problems. Ash also continues to capture or collect as many Pokemon as he can, and trains his Pokemon to be strong in battle.

As Ash and his friends continue their journey, they run afoul of Team Rocket. This group always has a scheme that leads to trouble, whether they are attempting to steal Ash's remarkable Pikachu or extend the grasp of their dangerous organization. Usually, it is up to Ash and his fellow Pokemon trainers to help subdue Team Rocket.

As they continue to face their challenges, Pikachu becomes stronger and Ash and his friends become better trainers. Throughout the series, the group faces many circumstances that demonstrate important lessons and help them better work together as a team.

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  • Ash's Aipom runs away in a forest and is attacked by a Weavile. Kerrigan, a member of the Wilderness Guard Corps, rescues it and tells our heroes that the Weavile is a stray who's abandoned its group. Prompted by Jessie, who wants to catch it, Meowth learns its story: The stray Weavile used to be the leader of the group, until a rogue Weavile challenged it and took its place. It's been living alone in the forest, challenging every Pokemon it meets so it can become strong enough to reclaim its throne--and now, after meeting a Sneasel who's left the group because of the new leader's tyranny, it's ready for the challenge! The two Weavile clash in a fierce battle, and it soon becomes clear that the stray's training has paid off! At Sneasel's urging, the two Weavile decide to call a truce, and the group is reunited in harmony.

  • After Max and Meowth are taken away by a distraught Deoxys, our heroes make a truce with Jessie and James to tackle two challenges: find and rescue their friends, and figure out what's wrong with Deoxys! Pokemon Ranger Solana and Nurse Joy are on hand to help. Deoxys takes its captives to a refuge within the cave, and speaks through Meowth to tell Max about its trip from outer space. It traveled inside a meteorite, which crashed into this cave, and it hasn't been able to shake the feeling of being cold and alone. Max tells Deoxys that it does have a friend--him! Outside, Solana says that if she can capture Deoxys, she can help it heal. With the help of our heroes and their Pokemon, she manages to get the Mythical Pokemon into its Normal Forme for a capture. Max and Meowth are rescued, and Deoxys, feeling better, decides to explore its new world and find more friends!

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Herman Cain Admits Campaign Speech Quoted 'Pokemon'

While we should be thankful it wasn't "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," former GOP White House hopeful Herman Cain admits that he cribbed a campaign speech line from the theme to "Pokemon: The Movie 2000." And everywhere, geeks and otaku weep.

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