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Power Rangers Dino Thunder is an American action and fantasy television show that's targeted demographic is fans of the popular franchise, Power Rangers. This show was written by many talented writers including: Douglas Sloan, Jackie Marchand and Bruce Kalish. The show also has many directors including: Charlie Haskell, Andrew Merrifield, Paul Grinder and Britta Johnstone. The cast of Power Rangers Dino Thunder includes many talented actors who portray the Power Rangers and Villains including: James Napier, Kevin Duhaney, Emma Lahana, Jason David Frank, Jeffrey Parazzo, Karina Devire, Tom Hern, Miriama Smith and Latham Gaines.

The shows plot is about five friends who, during some circumstances, discover powerful gems that give them many powers. They decide to team up to defeat the evil dinosaur villain called Mesogog. Mesogos threatens to destroy every human so he can take the earth back to the age of the prehistoric dinosaurs. The show features the following power rangers:

Conner McKnight: He is the Red Dino who obtained his powers when he found a red dino gem. He is a seasoned soccer player who loves justice and has a great personality. His power is supper speed and he is the fastest of the power rangers.

Ethan James: The Blue Dino; he is the strongest of the power rangers because his power is super strength which he obtained from the blue dragon gem. He is witty and smart and he is very tech savvy.

Kira Ford. She obtained her dino power from the yellow gem and as a result she was given the title of the Yellow Dino. She is a talented musician and a student of Dr. O along with the red, blue and white dino rangers. Her super power is the super shriek.

Tommy Oliver: He is the professor of paleontology who teaches the rangers how to channel their inner dino. He is the Black Dino and obtained his powers from the black gem. His students refer to him as Dr. O.

Trent Fernandez: a free spirit who has a knack for Manga drawing and he is the white dragon. His power is the ability to camouflage like a chameleon.

1 Season, 38 Episodes - Canceled
February 14, 2004
Action & Adventure
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  • Ethan plays against Devin with their favorite card game, "Dragon Wars." He wins using the ultra-rare Ruby Dragon card, but in doing so attracts the attention of Prinicpal Randall, who confiscates their cards. Dr. Oliver is persuaded to talk to Randall about giving the cards back, and when going to visit her office, he witnesses her changing into Elsa! Tommy and Elsa do battle in the schoolyard, blowing her disguise as Randall in front of the whole student body, leaving a vacancy for Prinicpal of Reefside High. Trent goes to Mesogog's lab by himself, and tries to get the card back, but in fighting Elsa, accidentally ensures it gets turned into the Ruby Dragon monster. While fighting the Rangers, both the Ruby Dragon and Elsa make it known that Trent is hiding something from his teammates. He tries to play it off as his going after the card solo was the big secret. Ruby Dragon is destroyed by the three main Megazords. Elsa, again threatened by Mesogog for her failure, slips the Ruby Dragon card into Dr Anton Mercer's pocket, setting it up to fall out when he reaches for his cellphone while talking to the Rangers in the hallway of the high school. The stress of explaining how it got there leads to his transforming into Mesogog in front of the team! Mesogog thinks Trent set him up, the team realizes this was his big secret, and trust is lost from both sides on the White Ranger.

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