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Series Length:1 Season, 32 Episodes
Network: Saban

For 10,000 years a secret Kung Fu clan called the Order of the Claw have been keeping the evil spirit of Dai Shi locked away. The order of the Claw appointed three member's to be guardians of Dai Shi's spirit. Theo, Jarrod, and Lily were those members, however Jarrod proved to be UN-trustworthy. He tried to take the container holding Dai Shi's spirit and in the struggle it fell and broke open freeing Dai Shi's spirit. Dai Shi killed their Master Mao and possessed Jarrod's body.

After the tragedy of Master Mao's death, the three were sent to the city of Ocean Bluff to find a new master. They found a man named RJ who gave them each a special gift allowing them to transform into Power Rangers. They are now the only hope the planet has in defeating Dai Shi.

Dai Shi along with his companion Camille and undead warriors called the Rinshi try to do anything in their power to make it so that the earth is ruled by animals. Dai Shi unleases the five fingers of poison to wreck havoc on the world but they fail and are defeated by the Power Rangers.

When a Rinshi Warrior poses too much of a threat to the Power Rangers, each is trained by a retired master. Lil learns the way of the Elephant from Master Phant. Theo is trained by a blind master in the ways of the Bat. Casey is trained by RJ's father in the ways of the Shark. Together they will use their new abilities they have learned to fight Dai Shi.

Dai Shi and Camille revive the overlords of fear, deceit, and terror to learn their ways. In turn this strips Jerrod of his humanity and he is no longer the same. After Dai Shi's training he fights the Power Rangers and defeats them. RJ is then kidnapped by Dai Shi and in order to save him the Power Rangers go with Master Mao to the Spirit world to be trained by three fallen Masters. With Their Training they upgrade to Master Mode and have new weapons and jets.

Since RJ received the Wolf spirit from straying from his father's path, he tries to take care of his situation on his own without any help and is turned into a werewolf by Dai Shi. When he finally learns to lean on his friends for help he becomes the Wolf Power Ranger.

Jarrod eventually is freed from the clasps of Dai Shi but is ashamed of his bad deeds. He later on decides to Join the Power rangers and together they defeat Dai Shi.

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  • If Dai Shi can raise enough power he can call back all his warriors that have fallen. The Rangers try to think of a way they can battle him. Their last battle they barely stood a chance. Casey thinks they should try to ask Jarrod for help again. Jarrod was the only one in the last battle that stood half a chance against Dai Shi. Casey, Lily and Theo find Jarrod and ask him if he will join them in the Beast War. Jarrod is ridden with guilt at all the harm he has done and refuses. Camille thinks he should. There is little time for the Rangers as they must battle Dai Shi's last Phantom Beast General, Scorch. Scorch is the most powerful phantom beast and the Rangers try their best to keep up. As the fight escalates to a Megazord proportion, Rinshi begin invading the city and all is in chaos. Master Swoop, Finn, and Phant show up to lend a hand. If Dai Shi collects too much fear, he will begin a new Beast War. The Rangers manage to destroy Scorch but they are too late to stop Dai Shi as a huge vortex appears and Dai Shi calls on all the fallen warriors to be resurrected. Our heroes are vastly outnumbered but they stand ready to fight. The Rangers try their best to stand their ground against the evil hordes of enemies. Suddenly Master Mao, Lope, Guin, and Rilla step in to lend a hand. They explain that they slipped through the portal when Dai Shi opened it up to the spirit world. The Rangers are encouraged to be fighting side by side with all of their masters. This is a Beast War, Dai Shi will not win! Flit flies back to Camille to tell her the Beast War has begun. Camille goes to help the Rangers leaving Jarrod to his thoughts. Voices run through his head of how he is needed. Dai Shi has turned into a giant dragon monster. He has the Rangers cornered and is ready to destroy them. Dominic calls his Megazord and hits the dragon with all he's got. Dai Shi stands unscratched by the Megazord firepower. Nothing the Rangers throw at Dai Shi seems to weaken him. Suddenly Jarrod

  • Casey is still quite bothered that no one believed him when he said that Jarrod was still alive inside Dai Shi. After talking to Dominic about what Jarrod was really like in Pai Zhuq, Casey knows what he has to do. Theo and Lily think Casey is upset about not becoming a Master. Lily wants to do something fun to celebrate her and Theo getting their stripes. Theo declines leaving Lily a little hurt. Fran confronts Theo about never really being upfront about his feelings towards Lily. She tells him that everyone knows he likes Lily and that he never really asked her out.Making his way to the Dai Shi Temple, Casey is stopped by Master Mao. Mao tells Casey that it is too late for Jarrod. Casey argues that he doesn't think so. Mao tries to reason with Casey but Casey presses on. Battling tons of Rinshi, Casey makes it inside the throne room and the doors slam shut behind him. Casey comes face to face with Dai Shi. Casey tells him that he is here for Jarrod as a friend. Dai Shi has this internal struggle, as the real Jarrod inside tells Casey that the only friend he has ever had was Dai Shi. The two break out in a fight as Camille watches in the background, still unsure if her feelings are for Jarrod or Dai Shi.Back at the loft, everyone is working when Fran runs in telling them to come to the monitors. They are all shocked to find out that Casey would venture to Dai Shi's temple alone! They rush to join their friend when RJ stops everyone. He tells them that Casey needs to do this on his own because it is his destiny. Worried for their friend, they crowd around the monitors to watch.The battle rages on between Casey and Jarrod. All the while, Casey calls out to Jarrod telling Dai Shi to let him go. Casey manages to get the upper hand but he refuses to destroy Jarrod. Casey stops fighting and says that if Jarrod is no more, then he should destroy Casey. Jarrod begins to lunge at Casey but at the last moment, he screams with all his energy ejecting Dai Shi from his bein

  • RJ announces that Casey, Lily, and Theo are going on a little field trip. They head to Pai Zhuq and find out that they will be given a test to earn their master stripes. They are to battle their master to pass the test. Lily and Theo jump into battle with Masters Phant and Swoop. Casey is quite nervous about battling Finn. He ends up copying whatever Lily and Theo does. RJ calls time and Lily and Theo are excited to see their stripes magically appear on their arms. Master Finn tells Casey that he did not pass the test. Hurt that he did not pass, Casey goes off on his own to think about why he did not pass. Meanwhile, Dai Shi and Jarrod struggle to share the same body. Jarrod's human feelings are starting to surface. Scorch and Snapper see this and think that it is because Jarrod has feelings for Camille. They plot to have Camille destroyed for the sake of Dai Shi. They send out monsters to hunt Camille down. Camille is ambushed and overpowered by them. She tells them that she is Dai Shi's top warrior and that Dai Shi will greatly punish them for this! The monsters accuse her of being a traitor. Suddenly Jarrod shows up and saves Camille. He orders the monsters to leave her. Camille is shocked as he tells her that it is not Dai Shi that cares for her, but Jarrod. Casey sees this all happen in the background and starts to see that Jarrod might still be alive inside Dai Shi. Casey runs to tell the others what he saw and how he thinks Jarrod is still alive. But one of the monsters, Lepus, ambushes him. Hoping to redeem himself by destroying the Red Ranger, Lepus and Casey begin to fight. The other Rangers quickly join in and the battle grows to Megazord proportions. Scorch and Snapper join in on the fight but they soon leave knowing that they must face Dai Shi for plotting against Camille. Back at the loft, Casey tells of how Jarrod protected Camille when Dai Shi wouldn't. Lily and Theo tell him that there is only Dai Shi and they as guardians must destroy Dai Shi. Fru

  • Camille attacks a young scientist and steals a very important briefcase. The Rangers show up in time to intervene. Dominic is struck by Maryl's beauty and makes an extra effort to be the one to save her. Camille manages to break the briefcase away and she disappears. Maryl rushes off extremely worried about the loss of her briefcase. Dominic tells the others all the information he's found out about Maryl. She's a scientist, a genetic engineer, oh and by the way, she's beautiful. Fran is not amused at Dominic's little infatuation. The others ponder as to why Camille would attack her and what would be in that case. They come to the conclusion to talk to Maryl and find out more information. Dominic offers to be the one to ask her and he heads off. In Dai Shi's temple, Scorch and Snapper watch as Camille shows Dai Shi how she stole a cloning formula that will turn Grinder into thousands of monkeys. Scorch and Snapper become increasingly displeased with Dai Shi's growing favor for Camille over them. Dominic catches up with Maryl. He tries to ask her what was in the briefcase but she refuses to tell him. She doesn't want to tell her secret. He tells her he needs to know and reveals to her that he is the Rhino Ranger. He brings her to Jungle Karma Pizza in order to find out more information. Confused as to what Dominic might be doing, the others continually spy on the two. Noticing this, Dominic excuses himself and heads to the kitchen to tell his friends that he's going to find out what was in the case because Maryl likes him. Maryl overhears Dominic's overconfident nature and she storms out. Fran alerts everyone that a monkey is attacking the city. The Rangers show up just in time to see Grinder pour the vial over his head and he begins to multiply. Dominic tells the others that he's got to try one more time with Maryl. She's got to know how to stop these monkeys. The others agree and continue fighting the monkeys as Dominic slips off. He apologizes to Maryl for acting

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