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For 10,000 years a secret Kung Fu clan called the Order of the Claw have been keeping the evil spirit of Dai Shi locked away. The order of the Claw appointed three member's to be guardians of Dai Shi's spirit. Theo, Jarrod, and Lily were those members, however Jarrod proved to be UN-trustworthy. He tried to take the container holding Dai Shi's spirit and in the struggle it fell and broke open freeing Dai Shi's spirit. Dai Shi killed their Master Mao and possessed Jarrod's body.

After the tragedy of Master Mao's death, the three were sent to the city of Ocean Bluff to find a new master. They found a man named RJ who gave them each a special gift allowing them to transform into Power Rangers. They are now the only hope the planet has in defeating Dai Shi.

Dai Shi along with his companion Camille and undead warriors called the Rinshi try to do anything in their power to make it so that the earth is ruled by animals. Dai Shi unleases the five fingers of poison to wreck havoc on the world but they fail and are defeated by the Power Rangers.

When a Rinshi Warrior poses too much of a threat to the Power Rangers, each is trained by a retired master. Lil learns the way of the Elephant from Master Phant. Theo is trained by a blind master in the ways of the Bat. Casey is trained by RJ's father in the ways of the Shark. Together they will use their new abilities they have learned to fight Dai Shi.

Dai Shi and Camille revive the overlords of fear, deceit, and terror to learn their ways. In turn this strips Jerrod of his humanity and he is no longer the same. After Dai Shi's training he fights the Power Rangers and defeats them. RJ is then kidnapped by Dai Shi and in order to save him the Power Rangers go with Master Mao to the Spirit world to be trained by three fallen Masters. With Their Training they upgrade to Master Mode and have new weapons and jets.

Since RJ received the Wolf spirit from straying from his father's path, he tries to take care of his situation on his own without any help and is turned into a werewolf by Dai Shi. When he finally learns to lean on his friends for help he becomes the Wolf Power Ranger.

Jarrod eventually is freed from the clasps of Dai Shi but is ashamed of his bad deeds. He later on decides to Join the Power rangers and together they defeat Dai Shi.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
February 18, 2008
Action & Adventure
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