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Power Rangers Mystic Force follows the lives of five regular teenagers who have been given extraordinary powers as well as charged with the task of defending the world against alien forces. The series aired on Jetix on February 20, 2006 and ended on November 16, 2006. It ran for 22 minutes and has thirty two episodes. The plot line follows the events of a Great Battle that took place about twenty years ago, when the forces of darkness sought to take over the world. Luckily, brave and noble wizards stood against them and push them back into the Underworld. In order to keep them sealed in the Underworld the most powerful of all the wizards(Leanbow)sacrificed himself in order to keep evil in the Underworld.

During the series the Rangers are called upon during times of turmoil to save mankind from the forces of evil. They are equipped with mystical magic and martial arts, both which help them defend their world. When the battle has reached its conclusion the defeated monster will usually be resurrected into a mammoth size version of its original form. When this happens the Power Rangers will call upon their megazords(ancient beats that come together to create one powerful fighting machine). The battle continues and the Power Rangers are victorious at the end.

The story line can be a bit confusing, but the simplest explanation of the story is that the Red Ranger and the villain(Koragg) are both father and son. This plays a pivotal role in the story line and gives the Power Rangers a brand new ally in their fight against evil. Following in the footsteps of past Power Ranger series the Red Ranger is bestowed with a Battlizer Option(that equips him with special armor to fight). In this mode the Red Rangers becomes even more powerful and usually wins the day.

1 Season, 32 Episodes - Canceled
February 20, 2006
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Mystic Force Full Episode Guide

  • Mystic Fate: Part 2With Daggeron and Leanbow defeated, the Rangers must use all their magic to try to save both the Surface World and the Magical Realm.

  • Following Itassis' betrayal, the Master decides to take matters into his own tentacled hands. A village in the Mystic Realm is attacked, and when the Rangers come to investigate, they are stunned to learn Nick is behind the destruction! Taken over by the Master, Nick becomes Koragg, forcing Leanbow to use his Wolf Warrior power against his own son. Can the Light prevail? If things weren't bad enough, Black Lance targets the city, while Sculpin waits in the wings! Also, Rockporium's business is down thanks to its newest employee, Phineas.

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