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Another series in the Power Rangers line, Power Ranger Ninja Storm is a show written by Douglas Sloan and directed by Koichi Sakamoto. The series is made up of thirty-eight episodes which originally aired in their entirety on ABC. The series is known for many firsts in the franchise, including being the first of the shows filmed in New Zealand rather than Los Angeles, the first series to begin with only three Power Rangers on the team and the first having only a single female lead.

The story of the series follows three underachieving students at the Wind Ninja Academy who must take on the responsibility of Wind Rangers when their school is destroyed and they are the only students left. After their dojo is attacked by evil ninja Lothor and their sensei transformed into a guinea hapless Tori, Shane, and Dustin escape to an underground Ninja Ops dojo where, with the help of the sensei's son Cam, they morph into Wind Rangers. The Wind Rangers use their fighting skills and their piloted mechanized robot Ninja Zords to fight off Lothor's hordes of evil monsters that often descend on their home city of Blue Bay Harbor. In times of need the robots can combine into one huge Storm Megazord.

Lothor sends the Thunder Rangers Blake and Hunter to battle the Wind Rangers under the false belief that the Wind Rangers' sensei murdered their parents. When they learn the truth, that Lothor murdered their parents, the Thunder Rangers join with the Wind Rangers and together their Zords form the Thunderstorm Megazord. Later, the new Ranger team loses its powers and Cam travels back in time to find an ancient artifact, the Samurai Amulet, and there learns that it is his own uncle who becomes Lothor and Cam himself accidentally caused it. Returned to the present day, the amulet transforms Cam into the Green Samurai Ranger and allows him to save the day. In a final battle, Lothor attempts to open the Abyss of Evil and destroy the world. In spite of the fact that he takes away their morphing powers, the Rangers use their ninja training to defeat him. Lothor is tossed into the abyss and the Rangers become teachers at a newly formed Ninja Academy.

1 Season, 38 Episodes
February 15, 2003
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Ninja Storm Full Episode Guide

  • Lothor tells Cam his plan to use the Scroll of Destiny to open the Abyss of Evil. Meanwhile, the three teens fear that all hope is lost when suddenly, Blake and Hunter appear. They have lived through the battle with Vexacus. They are surprised once more when Sensei crawls out of the rubble, in his human form! In the fight with Lothor, he was changed back from a guinea pig to a man. Lothor uses Cam's amulet to power up the Scroll. He then leaves Cam, Marah and Kapri on the ship and sets it to self-destruct. Marah and Kapri can't believe that their uncle would betray them like this and decide to side with their cousin, Cam. The Thunder Rangers take the Dragonforce Tank to Lothor's ship in the hopes of freeing the other Ninjas. Although the Rangers are glad to see their teacher, they still have doubts over their ability to stop Lothor. Sensei shows them the end of the Scroll of Destiny and they find out that they were meant to be Power Rangers all along. With renewed spirit, they go to fight. Lothor attacks the city in a Zord and opens the Abyss of Evil. Blake and Hunter arrive on Lothor's ship and free Marah, Kapri and Cam along with the Ninja students. They escape just as Lothor's ship is blown to pieces. The monsters of the past return and attack the Action Games but the Thunder Rangers and the Ninja Students arrive to fight them. The aliens are knocked into the Abyss, but Lothor fights to the end. He is on the brink of victory when the three Rangers use their Ninja powers to knock him into the Abyss, closing it forever. Later, the kids participate in the Action Games. Now that Lothor and his army of aliens are gone, the teens are free to pursue their hopes and dreams.

  • The Rangers are excited to participate in the Action Games. Lothor's ultimate plan begins to unfold when he reveals he wants to open the Abyss of Evil to unleash the spirits of all the destroyed aliens. At the Action Games, our teens meet three young athletes who have lots of attitude. At the site of the games, Cam's amulet freezes up indicating something is wrong. Lothor finds out that the Rangers are at the location of the Abyss and sends Vexacus down to fight them. The Rangers call out the Megazords and battle Vexacus, but meanwhile, Lothor uses Cybercam to break into Ninja Ops. The Thunder Megazord destroys Vexacus, but is blown up in the process. Hunter and Blake are nowhere to be found. After a fight with Sensei, Lothor captures Cam, Shane, Dustin and Tori return to find Ops trashed and Sensei and Cam gone.

  • Marah and Kapri team up with Shimazu and attack the evil Zords. Blake and Hunter get in an argument.

  • Cam tries to track a strange radiation signal. Lothor scolds Vexacus for destroying Zurgane but Vexacus tells him that he has the ultimate fighting machine to destroy the Rangers, Condortron. Sensei tells the Rangers that they must try and free the captured Ninjas on Lothor's ship. Cam says he has been working on a new transport vehicle but needs a powerful energy source to break through the force field. Hunter gets an idea and leaves. Condortron and Hunter appear to be looking for the same thing when Motodrone attacks. Vexacus joins in the fight. The Rangers find out that Hunter is looking for the remains of the Gem of Souls, which he had saved in the hopes of someday using it to contact his parents. He gives it to Cam to break through Lothor's force field with his vehicle, the Dragonforce Tank. He takes the vehicle to Lothor's ship, but is met with laser fire. Vexacus makes Condortron grow and the Rangers must call the Megazords and fight him. Cam manages to infiltrate the Lair, but before he is able to free the Ninjas, he is attacked by Lothor and must flee. He arrives in time to help the others defeat Condortron with the Hurricane Megazord. Vexacus continues his treacherous march to power and destroys Motodrone.

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