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In this installment of the ever present Power Rangers programming, the Rangers are in a realm that is comprised not only of their popular home town of San Angeles. Within this series, the Rangers would fight the forces of evil all around the world, and even in some fictional locations like Atlantis.

This is one of the few series that would feature the leader of the Rangers, the Red Ranger, as someone other than a human. In this particular series, Mackenzie (Mack) Hartford is this Ranger, but throughout the series the audience learns that he is mostly android. He has superhuman strength as his power granted through becoming a Ranger.

The other Rangers have skill sets that were enhanced from their own presumed abilities from their occupations or hobbies before dawning the uniform. The Black Ranger was a spy, and his enhanced powers related to his sight and his hearing. The Blue Ranger was a stunt man, and with his enhanced powers could leap incredible distances. The Yellow Ranger was a stock car racer whose enhanced ability would be super speed. The Pink Ranger is a genius, offering much information about fictional goals and mythological histories, and her primary power is invisibility.

The primary evil that these Rangers were set to fight were two banished brothers from the time of the magic gems that gave the Rangers their powers. Their names are Flurious and Moltor. While they begin trying to work together to get the crown and its ultimate power, complete with the gems, they soon became enemies. Other enemies would also work against the Rangers and their goals, and manage to put up resistance in one form or another each and every episode of the series.

The Rangers sought to complete the Corona Aurora, by finding all of the gems that fit into it and keeping them from the greedy hands of the power hungry foes that seemed to be ever present. Many of these would be contained within or related to mythological items like Thor's hammer or the Sword of Neptune.

1 Season, 32 Episodes - Canceled
February 26, 2007
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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Full Episode Guide

  • With the crown of the Corona Aurora in his possession, Flurious allows the Rangers to locate the final jewel before infiltrating Hartford's estate and stealing all five, restoring them to the crown. Possessing power known only to Gods, Flurious proceeds to condemn the planet to a devastating ice age and transforms into a terrifying new form. With the fate of the universe in their hands, the Rangers risk their lives to battle Flurious in a final quest to end the threat of the Aurora once and for all

  • Mack begins to feel that he is expendable and confronts Moltor within his volcano lair in a bid to reclaim the crown of the Corona Aurora. Moltor is spared when the volcano goes off and he seeks to bargain with Flurious for sanctuary with the crown and something important to Tyzon. Meanwhile, the Rangers travel to Egypt to locate the final jewel of the Aurora...

  • Humiliated in battle by Kamdor, Will seeks revenge. Meanwhile, Norg discovers a jewel that noone has yet become aware of...

  • Determined to locate the jewels of the Corona Aurora, the Rangers use Mack's memory to reflect on their previous missions in an attempt to make sense of which jewel belongs to each faction.

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