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Power Rangers Samurai is a children's show which builds on the lives and adventures of the characters, which have appeared in many other seasons of the show's original incantation. This series features a group a strong fighters who can morph in Rangers. When they have completed their special training and learn to morph, they also achieve the ability to use special powers and weapons while they are in their Ranger forms.

In Power Rangers Samurai, the group consists of six original Rangers. Jayden is the Red Samurai Ranger, the leader of the group. He is a bit aloof with the other Rangers. Kevin is the Blue Samurai Ranger, and is also second in command to Jaden. Mia is the Pink Samurai Ranger. She takes care of the team by cooking for them and keeping them together emotionally. The Green Samurai Ranger is Mike, who can be lazy but is also very creative at solving problems. The Yellow Ranger, Emily, is the youngest of the group. The other rangers must work to protect her as she grows into her powers. The group is rounded out by Antonio, the Gold Samurai Ranger.

Together, the group of Samurai Rangers must work to defeat Master Xandred. Master Xandred commands an army of evil creatures called Nighloks, and uses them to attempt to complete his plan of releasing the waters of the Sanzu River, flooding the world and destroying civilization. As the group of Rangers grows stronger, however, secrets are revealed that could threaten their strength. The group must learn to trust and rely on each other in order to successfully achieve their goals and destroy Master Xandred and his terrible army.

2 Seasons, 45 Episodes
February 7, 2011
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Samurai Full Episode Guide

  • The rangers find themselves stuck on a malfunctioning Megazord on Christams

  • Master Xandred takes his last stand against the rangers.

  • Jayden returns to the rangers just when Master Xandred returns to try and defeat them.

  • The last battle between Jayden & Decker.

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