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The television series Power Rangers S.P.D. (Space Patrol Delta) is a science fiction/action adventure series based on the original Power Rangers television series. It is adapted from the Japanese superhero series, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Power Rangers S.P.D. is preceded by the Power Rangers Dino Thunder series and followed by the Power Rangers Mystic Force series.

Power Rangers S.P.D. was produced by Bruce Kalish, Greg Aronowitz and Koichi Sakamoto, and filmed entirely in New Zealand. The pilot episode premiered in the U.S. on ABC Family in 2005. The first twenty episodes of the show aired on ABC Family. The remaining episodes appeared on Toon Disney.

The series is set in the year 2025. Alien beings now peacefully coexist with human beings on Earth because of Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D.) - an agency responsible for directing law enforcement over a select portion of space. S.P.D. utilizes Ranger technology to preserve peace and stability throughout the universe. But the era of peace on Earth soon comes to an end, as the formidable Troobian Empire seeks to conquer the planet. After Earth's most powerful defenders, the S.P.D. A-Squad Rangers, suddenly vanish into thin air, the S.P.D. B-Squad Rangers step up to battle the extraterrestrial force.

The S.P.D. Power Rangers are a team of top-notch warriors trained by Commander Anubis Cruger at Ranger Academy. The 14 members of the S.P.D. Power Rangers each have their own unique powers. Together, they represent the greatest force for good in the universe. The members of the S.P.D. Rangers are specially trained to fight as a team against the enemies of Earth, and are highly skilled in the use of intergalactic weapons. But when the Red and Yellow S.P.D. Rangers enroll in the squad, conflict arises amongst the members and threatens to destroy their unity. As the Troobian Empire continues to gain power, the S.P.D. Power Rangers must come together to combat the forces of evil.

Power Rangers S.P.D. ran from 2005-2006. The season contained 38 episodes.

A production of BVS Entertainment and Jetix. In the U.S. the series was shown on ABC Family, Toon Disney and ABC. Each episode lasted 22 minutes and fit into a half hour time slot. The series was distributed abroad by Jetix.

1 Season, 38 Episodes
February 5, 2005
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers SPD Full Episode Guide

  • It seems there is no hope left with the Rangers and Cruger captured and the horrific creature Omni, almost complete. Piggy begins to feel badly that he betrayed the Rangers and asks for a sign that he did the right thing. When his cafĂ©-wagon rolls down a cliff, he knows that he made the wrong choice. Kat and Boom and Omega Ranger rally the rest of SPD into fighting the Troobians. On the Terror, Piggy helps the others escape. Cruger says he must stay and save his wife. He confronts Gruumm and they begin to battle. Gruumm holds Isinia over an abyss, but Cruger is able to save her. Gruumm falls down the abyss. On Earth, the Nova Ranger arrives from the future to help her friend Omega. Suddenly, Omni lands on Earth. His size and power are no match for SPD. The Rangers arrive and fight it with the SWAT Megazord. Kat tells Cruger that he must manually shut down Omni's brain if the Rangers are to stand a shot at destroying him. Risking his life, Cruger does so. Omni is destroyed and Cruger and Isinia survive the explosion. Everyone begins to celebrate when Gruumm appears once more. Cruger is ready to end this battle. He cuts off Gruumm's other horn and confines him forever. The planet is saved. Jack decides to leave SPD to go back to helping the less fortunate with Ally. Sky is promoted to Red Ranger. SPD will go on to protect the Earth from whatever dangers lie ahead.

  • Gruumm holds Cruger captive and reveals that he has his wife, Isinia, as well. He then sends the A Squad to Earth to finish off the Rangers. Broodwing rallies his troops. With Cruger gone and the Rangers occupied, it is the perfect chance to attack the SPD Command Base. Using all his generals and robots, he is able to infiltrate the base. Kat and Boom hold them off the best they can, but Broodwing gains control of the Delta Command Megazord and is intent on destroying the city. The Rangers fight the A Squad as best they can. In the battle, the Delta Squad Megazord is destroyed, but the cadets retrieve the SWAT Megazord from an underground bay. Kat cuts off the power from the Delta Command Megazord. The Rangers defeat and contain the A Team, then stop Broodwing and contain him as well. Piggy tells them that he knows where to find Cruger, but leads them into a trap. The Rangers are captured and brought to the Terror. They are thrown in a cell with Cruger. Gruumm tells them that The Magnificence will soon be complete.

  • Jack meets Ally, a kindred soul who devotes her time to helping the less fortunate. The two hit it off and Jack beings to spend more time with her. Mora and Gruumm continue to prepare the mysterious preparations for their ultimate plan. Delex turns people into battery cells for Broodwing and the other Rangers confront him. Cruger gets angry when Jack doesn't answer his Morpher because he is with Ally and is late to the fight. Delex grows to an enormous size and the Rangers use the SWAT Megazord to contain him. Jack is admonished by Cruger for being late. Jack defends himself, saying he has a life outside of SPD. The Rangers are dispatched to a distant planet to check out a distress signal. They are shocked to discover that the signal was sent by the long-lost A Squad Rangers! When they all return to the Base, Cruger thanks the B Squad for what they have done and dismisses them, leaving them angry and insecure about their stature in SPD. In the Command Center, the A Squad reveal that they are working for Gruumm and they capture Commander Cruger!

  • After overhearing Cruger mention that the A squad might have defeated Gruumm already, our teens can't sleep and are left to ponder their heroic journeys thus far. During the trip down memory lane, the teens figure out that Gruumm is looting the planet of resources to build something...but what? After the teens tell Cruger about Gruumm's plan, Cruger explains his comments about the A squad, settling their nerves before readying the team for battle. Meanwhile, against her wishes, Gruumm has left Mora with Omni.

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