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Power Rangers Time Force follows a group of super powered young adults whose job is to protect the world from crime lords. These crime lords have access to the space time continuum and have the ability to jump between periods of time and reek havoc. The Time Force travels between time zones and periods so they help defend them from villains. It had forty episodes that all ran over twenty two minutes and aired on Fox Kids. This series was started on February 3,2001 and ran into the November 17,2001. This series was considered darker and more emotional than other series.

Through every episode an villain attacks a certain time period and the Rangers are called to action. When they arrive they usually have to solve some type of clue to find the villain and fight minions. These minions are easily beaten and the villain usually goes down after a brief struggle. After the villain is beaten he is resurrected into a huge version of its former self. Once this happens the Rangers call upon special vehicle called Megazords that will help aid them against the new gigantic beast. Once all of the vehicles have combined they form a Megazord that can contend with the Villain and overcome it.

The Power Rangers Time Force are equipped with morphers that imbue them with the ability to fight the forces of evil. The Time Force Power Rangers are different from other variants of rangers because there leader is female. The pink ranger is usually type casted as a support character, but in this series is seen as the serious leader. Also the relationship between the pink ranger and red ranger is deeper than just a friendship. The pink rangers fiancee is killed and the red ranger is the fiancee's great grandfather, so there resemblance is very similar. This causes a love hate relationship that is obvious from their first encounter.

1 Season, 40 Episodes
February 3, 2001
Action & Adventure
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Power Rangers Time Force Full Episode Guide

  • Alex warns the teens that Frax will create a robot that will destroy the city and the Rangers must return to the future in order to survive. Wes, however, must remain in his era of origin. The teens vow to stay together and decide to stay with Wes in the present. Back in the city, while Trip confronts Nadira for shoplifting at a store, a pregnant woman goes into labor. After helping Trip deliver the baby, Nadira becomes conflicted when she realizes she has feelings for the human infant. Meanwhile, Ransik invades Frax's lab and finds Frax's blueprint for his super robot. When Frax is captured by Ransik, Nadira visits Frax and asks him about being human. Frax tells her about the cycle of hate that caused her father to destroy him and Nadira apologizes. He is then led away and reprogrammed to be Ransik's slave. While the teens load up the Time Ship to send the mutants back to the future, Frax, under Ransik's power, takes control of the cockpit of the super robot, Doomtron.

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