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Princess Hours is a Korean television show that was originally based on a manhwa. Manhwa are a type of Korean comic books that are popular with readers worldwide. The show Princess Hours, though, is not an animation, but a live action series. Princess Hours is set in an alternate, fictional version of modern Korea. In this version of the country, Korea still retains a ruling royal family. When the king of the country becomes ill, it is decided that his son, the crown prince Lee Shin, must find a wife right away. It will be more politically advantageous if Lee Shin is married when he takes over the throne.

Lee Shin is in love with a ballerina. However, when she spurns his proposal for marriage in order to continue focusing on her career, Lee Shin turns to an old agreement his grandfather made with a commoner. Fulfilling the agreement, Lee Shin marries Chae-kyeong, the granddaughter of the man his grandfather made the deal with.

The newly married couple is not the best example of a loving relationship. They must first get to know each other before romance can blossom. As the relationship between the pair grows and deepens, so does the tension within the royal family. Relatives of Lee Shin return to complicate things. Some of these relatives may even want to steal the throne out from under Lee Shin and his father the king.

As the series progresses, Chae-kyeong and Lee Shin learn to work together to keep both their relationship and the monarchy functioning properly. Princess Hours is packed with romance, drama and excitement that will hold viewers

MBC America
1 Season, 28 Episodes - Canceled
January 11, 2006
Korean Drama
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Princess Hours Full Episode Guide

  • As the investigation of the arson incident furthers and the facts about it get revealed Shin gets more and more accused of being the cause of it.

  • Shin gets driven into a corner as an arson suspect. He insists that he is innocent but all the evidence leads back to him. Only Chae-kyeong believes him to be innocent and feels bad looking at his drooping shoulders.

  • Yool tries his best to keep faithful to his heart even if it means breaking the rules. Shin insists that rules and regulations are the strength that holds the palace together.

  • Shin barely manages to cover up for Chae-kyeong's surprise announcement.

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