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Have you ever wondered about the properties that goes up for auctions and how it works? With the new show Property Wars, it is all about people bidding on different properties. The bid on the properties for they will be able to flip the properties. There are two people; one person is at a different location and on their cell phone with the second person. While the other person is at the property and trying to figure out what the property is all about.

The person at the house cannot go into the house or the yard. They have to look everywhere possible to see inside the yard and in the yard. They do this to know the property is like and to tell the first person if it is worth bidding on it or not. With not being able to go into the property, it is somewhat hard to know if it is worth bidding on it and if it is worth bidding on it, then what the limit would be.

When it is time to start bidding, the first person tells the person that is at the property the amount to bid. After the auction is over, then the person that is, actually paying for the property will go to the property and actually be able to go into the property because now they have the key. When they are able to go in to the property that is when they will be able to what has to do to fix the property up to resale it.

Property Wars, is a very interesting show to watch because you will never know what the property has in store for the people that is buying it. When they are able to go though the property that is when they start thinking about they are able to do without spending a lot of money but is able to get a big return when they go and resell it again. They do this to make sure that they receive as much of a profit as they possibly can get.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
2 Seasons, 35 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 12, 2012
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  • The buyers scramble to get to the first house today. Too busy, Scott must depend on Lou to inspect it.

  • Doug is relentless with his bids on a house; a rare opportunity arises.

  • Scott spots a vacation home; Christina tries to distract Scott and Ed with cookies.

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