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Prospectors is a documentary-style reality television series that explores the world of prospecting. It follows a group of professional miners as they explore Colorado mining country in search of precious gemstones while simultaneously combating wicked weather and treacherous terrains. The cast is separated into four groups of prospectors: two families that make mining their business, a former model, and a father of two. The series tracks their journey with story lines occasionally intertwining. Coloradoís Mt. Antero and Lake George are the central locations for all the prospectors.

Each cast member has their own claim to fame as well as a specific goal for each mining season. Led by father Joe Dorris, the Dorris family are the owners of Glacier Peak Mining, LLC. Theirs is a large and expensive operation that uses huge machinery to cover more land. For them, consistent or large gem finds are important to keep the business running. Itís also a family affair for the Busse family. They take their finds of aquamarine pockets and turn them into jewelry to be sold by their family business. For them, training up the younger family members to continue their mining work is the top priority when theyíre on Mt. Antero.

As for Steve Brancato, a father of two and self-proclaimed King of Antero, what drives him is his want to recreate the find that shot him to fame in the mining community with a discovery of a massive aquamarine pocked worth around $1.7 million. Lastly, former model Amanda has twenty years of experience under her belt. She has a reputation of being rough and tumble with the ability to hold her own against both thieves and turbulent conditions on the mountain. She owes her drive to the need to provide for her seven children as a single mother.

Turbulent weather could be considered an additional cast member, and thatís no mistake. An origination of The Weather Channel, the cast of Prospectors have to withstand countless bouts of bad weather, namely lightning storms. Over the course of each 30-minute episode, the narrative alternates between miners with the weather often acting as a connecting force between story lines.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Weather Channel
4 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Currently Airing
March 26, 2013
Action & Adventure, Drama, Family, History
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Prospectors Full Episode Guide

  • The Dorrises commence on Krystal's first mining claim; Rich discovers a huge smoky quartz crystal; and Amanda and Jessica strike a big pocket.

  • The Cardwells discover their biggest hit yet; Rich finds out what gems the Agnus Dei may have; and Dwayne finishes out Mount White.

  • The prospectors labor all night by the light of the moon; the Busse family finds their greatest aqua; the Cardwells start on an old pocket Craig's granddad discovered; and Rich returns to the Agnus Dei searching for topaz.

  • Dwayne attempts to settle his issue with the mountain that took his earnings; Rich prospects under ground; and the Dorrises have a great time betting it all at the Smoky Hawk.

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