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Pussycat Dolls Present is a reality competition show that lasted two seasons on the CW. The purpose of the show is to find a new member of the Pussycat Dolls. Each episode had the contestants perform and sing in front a group of judges. If the contestant doesn't meet the judges expectations, the contestant is eliminated. The show was split into two series within the show's name. In the first season, the winner was a new member of the group, but in the following season, the winners became the group Girlicious. After the second season was done, producers wanted to do a third season. Due to low ratings, Pussycat Dolls Present was canceled.

The CW
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled
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Pussycat Dolls Present Full Episode Guide

  • The few remaining girls prepare for their final performance, and each girl has a one-on-one conversation with Ron Fair to determine if they have what it takes to become a member of Girlicious. One girl seriously questions if this is the right path for her and if her personality would work well with the other girls chosen. At the historic Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, the dreams of three girls become a reality when they are welcomed as members of Girlicious and immediately begin recording a new record. Plus, a last-minute decision shocks the remaining girls. Immediately following the announcement of the newly formed group, Girlicious will premiere their first music video for their brand new single, "Like Me."

  • The five remaining girls know they have to be talented to make it into the group; this week, they are also judged on their ability to handle the media during a press tour. The girls will be tested on their public speaking skills during a live interview with Los Angeles' KIIS-FM radio host JOJO and an on-camera interview with "Extra" host MARK McGRATH. Back at the house, the girls try to put their differences aside for the sake of the group, but one girl doesn't put forth the effort.

  • At the start of the episode, the girls still in the competition are (in alphabetical order) Carrie, Charlye, Chrystina, Natalie, Nichole and Tiffanie.Now that the girls have recorded the first single for the new group, it's time to film a music video with director STEVEN ANTIN on a sailing expedition. Out at sea, the girls must rock their routines and keep their balance in turbulent waters. During the final performance the judges make a tough decision to send one girl home.

  • This week offers viewers a look at never-before-seen footage from the previous weeks of competition. Outtakes, catfights and special surprise moments with the girls who hope to become part of the new girl group called Girlicious.

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