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Among a group of recent Spanish-language television programs of the "telenovela" form -- in which high dramatic tension and long-form stories are combined -- to have emerged in the last two years, "Qué bonito amor" ("What a Beautiful Love") features seasoned actors such as Jorge Salinas (as the lead in the show) and Colombian actress Danna García, of the highly successful soap opera "Café con aroma de mujer." Both actors have received accolades in the past for the depth of the roles they take on.

It has been suggested by many critics since its premiere last year that the kind of dramatic sensibility of "Qué bonito amor" puts it ahead of the heavy competition in television's recent renaissance as an artistic medium, with the website TVNotas praising the elaborate and well-thought-out references to the history of music featured in the melodrama. (The show is defined by a simple yet effective plot device in which the lyrics of traditional Mariachi songs are used to determine the story lines of the main characters -- with love being the primary emotional focus of the series.)

Salinas and García -- whose characters play star-crossed singers in a small club -- promise to share some of the most elaborate character roles of the season, building on careers that have come from paying dues in the difficult field of television drama and film through a myriad CV of roles for each performer. Indeed, the plot line of the series -- with Salinas' character, falsely accused of fraud, taking cover as an anonymous ranchera singer in an out-of-the-way music venue where García's character sings to support her family -- is one demanding a very complex set of character traits, with music in the series playing its own central role.

As the main characters' interest in one another is called into question when García's character discovers that Salinas' identity is a false one, the question soon becomes: how will Salinas' character move on from a past which threatens to destroy everything he has worked for? And will that life now destroy his chance at love with a woman whom he has only just met?

It's just this method of complex plot-writing and mixing of artistic forms that has had many viewers speculating that television is experiencing a rebirth as a major artistic medium, and of which "Qué bonito amor" seems to be a part of.

1 Season, 117 Episodes - Canceled
January 15, 2013
Que Bonito Amor
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  • Santos y María logran cumplir el sueño de casarse, venciendo todos los obst'áculos que pusieron Giuliano, Elvira y Rubén.

  • Santos es asesinado al salir de la c'árcel, el bar es clausurado y María tiene que vender el traje de su pap'á. Guiliano muere quemado al intentar matar a los mariachis.

  • Guiliano y Elvira planean su venganza contra María. Susanito se entera que Irasema est'á embarazada. Santos es puesto en libertad.

  • Don Concho fallece después de una pelea con Elvira y Susanito, pero les pide perdón antes de morir. Guiliano y Elvira se unen en contra de Rubén.

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