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The show follows the budding relationship between a famous scholar from the Chosun era (1694) and an up-and-coming actress from Modern times (2012) who meet via a rip in time. Park Boong Do, played by Ji Hyun Woo, is a scholar who is trying to reinstate Queen In Hyun after a ploy by Jang Heebin results in her being replaced as King Sukjong's queen consort. Via a charm given to him by a holy monk, he is able to travel forward in time any time his life is in danger. There in modern Seoul he meets Choi Hee Jin, played by Yoo In Na, who is an up-and-coming actress who is playing Queen Inhyun on a television production of the Chosun Era.

Boong Do has to learn how the world and society have progressed - the new money system, laws, even how to drive a car - while Hee Jin is just trying to keep her head on straight. A strange man who says he is from the Chosun era, lead to her questioning her own sanity.

Through a playful display of confusion and bouts of comedy and drama, the couple find themselves falling in love with one another. Twists and turns complicate their relationship and on a few occassions they lose each other completely.

The story is gripping and, while dramatic, it holds a light-hearted quality that makes the viewer want to tune in for the next episode to see what will happen next. The combination of modern and historic gives the production a unique quality that creates a whole new world for the couple to live in.

Queen and I, is a fantasy/comedy/romance/time-travel Korean drama written by Song Jae Jung and directed by Kim Byung Soo that aired on tvN with 16 episodes running at 60 minutes per episode. It premiered April 18th, 2012 till Jun 07th, 2012 and is also known under the title, "Queen Inhyun's Man."

CJ Entertainment
1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
April 1, 2012
Korean Drama
Queen And I
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Queen And I Full Episode Guide

  • One year later, Hae Jin's acting career has taken off and she's as busy as ever. At the director's request, she takes on the narration for 'Queen Inhyun's Man', the documentary and learns a few things while working on the documentary.

  • Receiving the charm was the cause, realizing too late is the effect... Hae Jin finds Bong Do a place to live five minutes away from hers, which makes it too easy for her to happily visit him on a nightly basis.

  • A place he must return to and a place he must leave... The minister gets a rude awakening when Bong Dong suddenly reappears and a royal command hard to accept has been ordered onto Bong Do. Meanwhile, Hae Jin's sudden panic attack causes Su Kyung's car a

  • Yun Wol finds out Bong Do is trying to go to the other world. She warns him about what the chief monk told her and tries to stop him. Hae Jin gets Bong Do a cell phone and suddenly receives an unexpected call from his number.

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