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Series Length:5 Seasons, 83 Episodes

Queer as Folk (US) is an hour-long television drama produced for Showtime, revolving around the lives of gay men and women living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The series spans five seasons and a total of 83 episodes. The series was created and written by the production team Cowlip (Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman), and filmed mostly in Toronto, Ontario.

The story includes several main characters, with some being added and dropped as the series goes on. These include Brian Kinney, a 29 year old gay man who lives life in the moment, and has a reputation for sleeping around; Justin Taylor, a 17 year old who loses his virginity to Brian and falls in love with him; Michael Novotny, Brian's best friend since childhood and resident comic book geek (who also harbors a crush on Brian since they were teenagers); Emmett Honeycutt, the most flamboyant of the group and completely unapologetic about who he is; and Ted Schmidt, who is slightly older than the rest of his friends and has low self-esteem due to always being turned down by men at gay clubs.

Aside from the male gay characters, the series also has its main lesbian couple, Melanie Marcus and Lindsay Peterson. With Brian as a sperm donor, Lindsay has a baby boy in the pilot, which Justin names Gus. Other main characters include Debbie and Vic Novotny, Michael's mother and uncle. Debbie is a member of PFLAG and very openly supportive of her son, and Vic, who lives with her, is her brother who is living with AIDS.

Queer as Folk (US) is the first American TV drama to chronicle the lives of gay men and women in the United States. Each of the characters have their own stories and plotlines, and ample time is spent with all of them. It aired from 2000 to 2005 on Showtime in the US, and from 2001-2005 on Showcase in Canada.

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Genre: Drama
Rating: 9.3/10
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83 Netflix Episodes
  • Brian and Justin prepare to marry. Lindsay and Melanie move to Canada. Michael's asked to represent the Committee for Human Rights. Ted sees his relationship with Tad (Ben Bass) for what it really is. The beat of Babylon continues...

  • Brian and Justin are getting married! Melanie and Lindsay plan on moving the family to Canada-to raise Gus and Jenny Rebecca in a country where they won't be humiliated because of their parents' sexual orientation. Ted may have finally found his Mr. Right. Emmett catches Drew with another man.

  • Brian reevaluates his priorities after the bombing of Babylon. Michael continues to recover in the hospital, and a Liberty Avenue vigil for the victims ends in chaos.

  • Cyndi Lauper makes a guest appearance as Babylon plays host to the Stop Prop14 Benefit - an event that changes everyone's lives.

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