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Gretchen Bonaduce, the second wife of TV/radio personality Danny Bonaduce, has struck out on her own to entertain the world with her very own reality show. With many challenges facing her now as a single mother of two, she will take viewers on a tour of her life as she learns to balance motherhood, building her own fashion line, and playing the lead in her rock band she named “The Fatal 80’s.”

For those die hard Danny fans, which may be wondering if the flame-haired, hot-headed ex will show up in Gretchen’s road to celebrity status, the answer is, yes. Gretchen and Danny will air their messy issues for the world to view.

FOX Reality
1 Season, 4 Episodes
Re-Inventing Bonaduce
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Re-Inventing Bonaduce Full Episode Guide

  • Gretchen and boyfriend Kevin's appearance on Danny's radio show comes to a fiery conclusion.

  • Gretchen and Kevin confront Danny about the lies that he spread about her.

  • Gretchen tries to make it on her own by fronting her own rock band, starting up her own fashion line, raising her two kids, and finding a new man in her life.

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