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Real Interrogation on Investigation Discovery is a real life crime drama that puts the spotlight on investigators, criminals and the interrogations that helps to solve some of the toughest crimes. Detectives are observed using interrogations methods to question criminals. Each episode pushes the boundaries of true crime and these real interrogations use forensics, crime scene investigation, psychological profiling in combination to solve the case. Each half hour episode contains dramatic exchanges between the interviewer and the person being interviewed in an attempt to solve the case. During the interrogations it is evident that these criminals will do just about anything to stay out of jail. They try to match wits with the investigators by lying, cheating and begging in order not to go to jail. Compelling, actual footage of interrogations from real criminal cases is used in this show. The investigators are smart and savvy when dealing with the criminals in their midst not allowing the criminals to manipulate them. Real Interrogations takes place in the interrogation room with a variety of criminals to observe. Catch the goings on of an actual criminal interrogation where Detectives interview an array of different suspects ranging from an estranged husband who keeps changing his story to a career criminal who is a pro with his answers. Detectives use every creative idea to get to the truth in Real Interrogations, they question everything that is said by the criminal in order to trip them up and get at the real story. It is evident that when lying to the detectives it is hard for many of them to keep their stories straight. One of the strategies that works for the detectives is to leave the person alone for a time.

Discovery Channel
1 Season, 13 Episodes
Crime, Investigation
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Real Interrogations Full Episode Guide

  • After a retired veteran is found beaten to death, investigators learn he was selling drugs illegally and suspect one of his customers turned violent.

  • When a construction worker finds a young woman's corpse hidden in the corner of an unfinished building, investigators suspect her boyfriend.

  • When a mother of four is murdered, police suspect her ex-husband -- and get some answers in the interrogation room as his family turns against him.

  • Detectives have little to go on when a devoted father vanishes, but as the investigation unfolds, they find that he's been living a double life.

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