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Doctor Peter Husak introduces his friend Jack Carver to his friend Kate, who happens to be a nurse. It just happens to be love at first sight. But after she goes through a traumatic accident she learns that Jack is a CIA agent. Upon hearing this she leaves Jack and goes to marry her doctor friend Peter instead. The two of them than venture into a war area to help out with a relief organization in Nagonry Karabach.

It's during this relief mission that she begins to learn that her doctor friend and husband is willingly cooperating with KGB. When she learns of this she leaves Peter and seeks out Jack. Jack is trying to get a businessman out of the country at the time. And when she seeks him out she asks Jack to let her and her child come with him on the dangerous flight.

5 Seasons, 69 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
February 19, 2009
Action & Adventure, Drama, Latino
Red Eagle
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Red Eagle Full Episode Guide

  • Gonzalo is forced to make a crushing decision--saving Margarita or his mother. Plus, the former marquise of Santiillana returns.

  • As Margarita's wedding draws near, her hopes for escape grow smaller and smaller. When Gonzalo escapes, Alonso's life is at risk.

  • Gonzalo liberates a very dangerous man to get information, putting the entire village at risk. Meanwhile, Margarita and Irene plot their escape.

  • Captain Patrick Walcott goes after what he wants and so does the English king. Plus, someone wants Gonzalo dead.

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