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Steve Austin, better known as Stone Cold Steve Austin from his professional wrestling days, hosts this show of redneckers, ranging from prissy know it all rednecks to hardcore beer burping hillbillies. Steve will take these contestants through challenges and courses that truly test their redneckery skills. Challenges may include toilet match to getting gussied up for a high cotton challenge like eating escargot for supper.

Slipping on into the confessional booth, these rednecks will say what they mean, and mean what they say; this is a game of no holds bar.

Watch out for Bubba, he just might be gunning for you at the elimination round. Draw your sharpie and get ready for a showdown, or you may walk out with nothing but a cooler full of beer with your name on it.

At the start of this adventure there will be a mix of twelve men and women. Near the end of what will become a battle; the top three rednecks who are left will tackle a series of challenges, ultimately, leaving the top two on the battlefield. This is where they will need to cowboy up or get to boot scootin off the island.

With a 100,000 dollar grand prize at stake, teams will be formed and rivals will be made in this game of Redneck 101.

So, get ready y'all, grab a six pack and adjust the close hanger on top of the tele, it's time to hunker down and watch some leg slapping, hee hawing, drama to unfold.

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Saturday at 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
4 Seasons, 42 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Redneck Island Full Episode Guide

  • The much anticipated day arrives as the final three teams battle in an epic race of strength, intelligence and endurance. Who will be the winner of the grand prize?

  • The final four teams won't let anyone stand in their way in their efforts to win it all.

  • Tension erupts as a relationship continues to cause problems in the house. The rednecks must prove they have brains as well as brawn in the latest challenge.

  • This week's challenge proves to be overwhelming for two of the players.

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