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Redrum is a television series on the Investigation Discovery channel. This show solves real life murder cases by starting at the end result of the case and essentially working backwards to unwrap the evidence and solve the case. The cases come from homicides all around the United States.

Police officer, detectives, lawyers, medical, and forensic specialists give their opinions while examining the crime scene and victims. The victims' families, neighbors, close friends, and even suspects are involved. The stories leading up to the crimes are reenactments of crucial events.

One episode dices apart the murder of a couple who recently adopted a child. The birth mother is disgruntled and wants her baby back, so she does whatever she can to make that happen.

Another case involves a gunned down truck driver. The first suspect is soon discovered to be covering up for someone else but the crime unravels a much larger story involving bribery.

Other cases in clue a son who murders his parents when they start asking him to repay the money they lent him. A conman murders a friend then tries to place the blame on his wife.

One of the easiest cases that was solved involves a love triangle between coworkers that takes a turn for the worst when the woman no longer shows interest in a one of the men. The discarded man takes his revenge on the woman's current interest and even though he tries to have a solid alibi. He is caught when a neighbor identifies his car, and he gets a life sentence.

This series premiered in 2013. Each episode runs for half an hour time slot, with 22 minutes of actual show time. The episodes are written by Investigation Discovery Publicity.

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Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Currently Airing
Crime, Investigation, Mystery
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  • Jayme Austin is a loving mother living in the Oregon countryside. When she fails to show up for work one morning, the community begins a search but investigators fear the worst. As they look into her past, they find many possible motives and suspects.

  • John Davis is a hardworking man making a living in Philadelphia at a bridal warehouse. When his dead body is found slouched over the steering wheel of his van in his work parking lot, his friends - and police - are baffled. Who would want him dead?

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