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The Show, Rehab Addict, premiered in October 2010, and it stars Nicole Curtis. Curtis is portrayed as a sweet girl on the show but she enjoy using her hammer. Her problem doesn't lie with drugs and alcohol as it lies with her home restoration business. Curtis is a typical addict but she doesn't think she has a problem. Her biggest passion in life lies with her home-restoration business; she particularly enjoys restoring buildings from Michigan and Minnesota that have fallen into severe despair. She knows these homes were once the pride of their community, and her goal is to get them back to that status.

Curtis likes to buy the property and restore it back to its original appearance. She likes to get it as close to the original structure as possible. Curtis also does not let other contractors do the project themselves as she likes to take on as much of the manual labor as possible. She works with her own crew to get it done but she often pushes their buttons. She argues with her family a lot when she trying to get the building restored to its original appearance. Curtis also has to argue with city officials a lot because it takes a lot of planning to restore an old building.

The buildings may turn out pretty but the situations in the show are not always pretty. These are just some of the issues that come up every episode! By the time all the dust clears from the wreaking balls, there is a beautiful house in front of you! Curtis makes sure she and her team works fast each and every project. She is a true do-it-yourself as that's her show appears on the DIY Network. Stay tuned to the show to see what happens next! You will have to stay tuned to the show to see if she can overcome her addiction!

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Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
5 Seasons, 61 Episodes - Currently Airing
Family, Reality
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Rehab Addict Full Episode Guide

  • LeBron and his kids take on Nicole in a duel of diggers to remove the front steps and regrade the yard. A tricky design challenge makes laying the new path stretch late into the night, but it's all worth it come morning.

  • Now that the downstairs is done at the Akron, OH, house, Nicole Curtis can focus on the bathroom.

  • Nicole Curtis and LeBron James renovate the home of a family in need.

  • Nicole Curtis teams with basketball superstar LeBron James to renovate a special family's house in Akron, OH. They tackle the dingy dilapidated kitchen and create an outdoor patio and new driveway to relax in and play basketball.

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