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Renovation Realities is a thirty minute show on the DIY Network. It starts with a room, rooms or a space on the property of the people that they are featuring during the show. Each week a different couple and project is shown. What sets this show apart is the fact that they let the camera see not only the before and after of the renovation but the in between as well. During the course of the show they expose just how hard it can be to renovate or remodel a room; things do not always go as planned. Many times things cost more than expected, or something needs replaced that was not planned for. It is sometimes a great hardship for the couples involved in the renovation, it causes stress, financially, mentally and even physically. This is a real reality show exposing the ins and outs of renovations.

The renovations that they cover are done well and many different things are addressed during the show. They will explain how costs can skyrocket during a renovation and tips on how to prevent that from happening. The host of the show walks the camera through the renovations and will point out how to do things easier, cheaper and safer with beautiful results. Renovation Realities illustrates the struggles, drama and dangers associated with a home renovation. They cover money issues, common mistakes, how to, how not to. But most importantly they walk through the whole renovation, the beginning, middle and the final product. This show is not only a do-it-yourself show for the average homeowner but it is a great learning tool as well. The projects that they cover are well within the range of possible and are beautiful as well.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
16 Seasons, 210 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 8, 2009
Reality, Home & Garden
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  • A master bathroom is remodeled, but carrying out the project proves much more difficult than previously thought.

  • A rustic bathroom is crafted, but the build is hampered by plumbing problems and ladder woes.

  • A master bathroom is remodeled, but patience is tried following a hand injury and plumbing problems.

  • Randi and George Harvey admire most of their house except for their master bathroom. They believe a remodel is definitely in order, but with 30-year-old "hair babies" and falling mirrors, this renovation shows it's easier said than done.

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