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Resurrection is a show that is based on several intricate plot twists that ultimately combine to bring everyone that is involved in the story to a similar place. The show centers around individuals that were thought to have died long ago who suddenly return. They come back to visit their loved ones and appear exactly as they did at the moment that they were lost. They also seem to have several rather curious memories of various events or knowledge of things that no one else has, nor can anyone understand how they have obtained this knowledge.

As the show progresses, more and more people that were believed to have died several years ago are coming back. People are then forced to try to find a plausible explanation for this but more importantly, individuals that are directly involved are forced to search their feelings regarding the dramatic shock that is present when a long- dead loved one suddenly returns. For some people the feeling is one of total elation while others are simply confused or so overwhelmed that they literally have no idea how to respond.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
March 9, 2014
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  • Preacher James and his congregation go to the Langston home to stop the birth of Rachael's baby.

  • Bellamy is concerned for the safety of Rachael and her unborn child.

  • Things turn worse in Arcadia with the return of Preacher James, who seems to have a strange and unnerving connection to Bellamy.

  • Jacob and Margaret turn up missing after a violent storm that knocks out the power.

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